Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Democracy...Heading towards Tyranny

Summer time. You and your family are driving out into the country. You make a pit stop. Your kid uses his cell phone to click a passing cow, sheep or horse along a nearby fence. He posts it on his Facebook site or maybe uses it for a classroom exercise concerning the environment or similar aspect. Next stop? Your kid goes to JAIL for committing a FELONY according to a bill that is moving around NOW in Congress. That's right! Talk about using the law to suppress opposition like the abuses that occur on farms, especially pig or chicken butchering locations, growing facilities or combination of the two. You see a cow wavering, falling down not able to stand on its own - you take a picture of it and inform the authorities. Now what? You committted a FELONY with this new bill. This is how the wealthy and the connected use their influence in our so-called democracy. We need a new political party that reflects the thinking of Jefferson and Madison. We need the NEO-FEDERALIST! End the FED!