Tuesday, May 31, 2011

QE3: To Be Or Not To Be?...Liars and Crooks

Ever consider the money math of the Fed? Where do they put their money? Yes, we know they print it, but why? They respond to borrowing, loans, debt in all its form. Then what? Generally, they buy treasuries, which circulates money that the economy utilizes. In the history of the Fed, it has always ben this way until Ben arrived. The last two stimulus packages has seen them purchase TARP, GM, AIG and toxic mortgage loans from the ailing banking industry. So, their once pristine portfolio now contains junk. In fact, they hold more US government debt than China. China holds $895.6 billion in debt while the Fed holds $896.7 in US debt, including some questionable assets. They realized this and they changed their operating procedure to transfer this bad stuff to liabilities of the Treasury. In a recent hedge report this was notated and highlighted by this other math fact: if Fed assets fell by just 2%, the Fed would be wiped out because their assets could not cover the corresponding losses. And you thought Enron was a thing of the past? This is blantant corruption of our currency by the keepers of the of the key. They continue to privatize the profits and socialize the losses. Now, they have plenty of money to keep all the games going like the debt ceiling, now at $14.3 trillion and soon to be $16.5 trillion and counting... which is making it terrible for everyday citizens. END THE FED!
LIARS and CROOKS: Watch the documentary on Hulu.com called, "FLOW." It shows the corrruption of the IMF. They use a committee to determine how to provide water for the global community. The make-up of the committee is all the CEOs of water companies setting price and standards that will continue to make them rich with little concern for their mandate of providing water for the poor of the world.