Sunday, June 3, 2012

TV Everywhere Is Coming...L&C

Have you heard of TV Everywhere? You will...and soon. It is expected that millions of Americans will be using it for the first time with the London Olympics this summer. It will allow the viewer more control to view the events that would appeal to individual viewers. It can be used on all your tech gadgets. This aspect will make the Olympic viewing more entertaining and more interesting because of options and choice which TV Everywhere provides.
Synacor Inc.
is the only pure play on the stock market in TV Everywhere. SYNC was an IPO back in February of this year. It is a profitable company that became public at the right time since many cable companies like FIOS will be using SYNCs platform. NBC who will carry the 2012 Olympics will soon be promoting its sponsorship and TV Everywhere.
You Have To Eat
and that is one reason why I am introducing you to SYNC. With jobs scare and ten year T-Bills now paying 1.5% or less than inflation, we all could use a little bounce. I will reveal the other two reasons in a moment, but let me digress here to explain myself. I have mixed emotions about influencing people about a stock selection. If it fails, I not only suffer economically, but emotionally because my conscious will bother me, especially at bedtime. I have offered very few stock picks. I mostly choose between food and energy because I understand their fundamentals which leads back to investing.
Two Camps
in investing. The first which controls more than half the market centers on a companies product in relationship to profit margin, sales growth and the economy as a whole for that product. This is fundamental thinking. The first two paragraphs on SYNC is fundamental analysis. I consider myself an experienced trader, but I still have a long way to go.
The other side to investing centers on charts, price and volume. I follow Tom O'Brien of These analytic traders do not need to know anything about a company, not even its name. They can project a price target solely from chart reading. I have looked at the price action and volume of SYNC after I was made aware of the company from National Inflation Association(NIA). They had all the fundamental info. I have done the homework on the technical. I like stocks that I can understand the fundamental and the charts indicate a positive trend. Like Tom O'Brien says,"if more people are in the store to buy, the stock rises and if nobody is buying and returning product, the stock will decline." On Friday the stock market had a terrible day as well as SYNC. It was down 18.71% to $11.95. Are you crazy? A stock that is down that much? Still, the stock was up for the week with more up volume than down volume which also shows relative strength which is another analytic indicator.
This Week
SYNC will be in the business news because they are presenting at the Digital Living Conference in Dallas and speaking at the 7th Annual Needham Internet & Digital Media Conference in New York. These two events will only add to showcase the company, which by the way reported 2Q revenues up 58% from the 2Q of 2011. They report next on 22 July 2012. I expect higher revenues and super guidance because of the upcoming Olympics. The other two reasons are thus. I have a self interest in SYNC because I have purchased shares and I would hope that by now, dear readers that you have a little faith in me to speak the truth and I'd like all of you to profit as well as me. Disclaimer: do not buy because I purchased or indicated for you to purchase until you have professional advice. Nevertheless, now you have ammo to question your professional. Good trading.
Liars and Crooks: This week we return to Helicopter Ben. Bernanke was appearing before Congress when Ron Paul asked him if gold was money. Ben said it wasn't. Well, lo and behold, this past week, Germany said that they would make direct loans to needy Euro members provided that they put 20% down like our old home loan applications except Germany demaned the down payment be in gold. So, it must be better than money, Ben. End the Fed!