Monday, November 18, 2013

US Security: Results = Incompetence...L&C

Winston Churchill made many great observations, including this about our government, "after they try everything else, they'll get it right."

The following is factual in some and argumentative in others pertaining to the results of all the various US agencies dedicated to our defense, whether internal or external. I don't want to digress to far into history. I don't have to. It would be more than enough starting with WW ll.  The case is compelling. Consider that at the time, there was already a war in Europe and Asia. Tensions were high with Japan. In that climate a large aircraft carrier fleet left Japan into the Pacific. No one noticed where it was headed? Get out of town!
How about this? Jets were flying from China, attacking US troops, not to mention thousands of Red Army soldiers fighting NATO troops in defense of North Korea and war was never declared against China?
How about the atomic bomb info getting stolen? Not just that, but at this very minute and into the near-term future, secrets are being stolen from Los Alamos, the Pentagon and elsewhere. Why? Because they are incompetent!
We don't need the military complex that is destroying our financial future because the real strength of the US is its people.
Personally, it is bad enough that I cannot get my book published, but during this period of frustration, I have already penned the follow-up. In it, I devote a large section to the brief files mentioned above. However, I will cut to the point of this piece. It is in memory and honor to JFK on the 50th anniversary of his murder.
I'm not going to bring up the mystery of the third bullet with the possible discharge by the secret service member or the grassy knoll or any other of the conspiracy arguments. This is my point of concern. You are a member of the President's security. You are to secure a trip to Dallas, Texas. You would check your data files, check with local enforcement, the F.B.I., and so on. You would ask the basic questions about anything or anyone who could be a threat to the president. You would hear the usual suspects: Pro-Castro. Anti-Castro, Communist Party , etc. Lo and behold this tidbit would surface. There is an activist character who one time renounced his citizenship to become a Communist and he defected to Russia. He is ex-military, recently ordered a rifle with scope through the mail and he works in a building along the president's itinerary.
I'll wager this that only one person fit that description: Oswald. You would think that someone would check out Lee, but you would be wrong. Why? Incompetence!!!
And in all the dialogue, you never find fault with the military because like a magician, they use misdirection to avert attention to themselves.
The true story of the disaster is the worst of all. NSA overheard the ding-dongs in Yemen about how the US was going to get hurt. They listened to the culprits all the around the world into San Diego where because it is out of the jurisdiction(at that time)they did nothing. Can you believe that? All they had to do was to notify the F.B.I. and 911 never would have happened. Incompetence to Sum ma Cum Laude!!
Sorry, Johnny. You may not have been everything that I thought you were, but you are still special in my eyes. I hope that I can answer your question in doing something for my country.
Liars & Crooks: Ben Bernanke. He heard that a bill in Congress called, The Strong Dollar Act was trying to get our dollar backed by gold, to which he said why, gold is not money. Funny, we allow him to run the most important aspect of our economy and his philosophy is opposed to Jefferson, Madison and Franklin. Do you think that Ben has more talent, understanding and thinking that that trio? In fact Ben is lucky because if Andrew Jackson were around, he would tar and feather Ben. And...if he was pissed, he challenge him to a duel and put one between his eyes. Of course, we are civilized today and all opposition like mine is delegated to the Matrix where my arrows fall, but my aim would be exactly like Jackson's, right between the eyes. End the Fed!