Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Death of Sovereign Rights

The foolhardy reason why the corporate world backs trade agreements is that it allows them to seek further profits with local governments who will back their endeavors even allowing local environmental harm. This is the evil side of capitalism because in seeking those profits, the actions of the company could cause harm to the region where they operate. Companies do not ledger an account for harm only litigation fees and insurance. This is why in my unpublished book, I advocate a three strikes and liquidate policy for corporations who commit three felonies against society. If we can punish for war crimes, we should be able to punish for corporate crimes. The bankers who caused the crisis of 2008 would hate me because I would ban them from operating in any banking enterprise for their sin. Of course, I would find them too, and $BIG.  In addition, every bank who participated in the scheme would have one strike against them.  But hey, that's me. I'm getting off the topic. However, I also use the meme in my work, "All things are connected." Now, you can understand my thinking.
We now know where the Donald stands on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. President Obama tried to pass it in the lame duck Congress. He has such a big ego that he can't see past it. The TPP like all trade agreements is anti-sovereign in nature. This is the main central point to these deals and why they are negotiated behind closed doors. It is the same reason why NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO and the IMF have such power. They took it from the every nation. It is the thinking of the One World people. The only good news in 2016 was the surprise results that opposed the thinking of the One World powers-to-be. With that said, the behind the scenes strength in that organization needs to be exposed and opposed. It is the reason why the Keystone XL pipeline got the "go" pass and the Sioux Nation lost in their battle in the Dakota's. No matter what Trump says in public, he knew that NAFTA would win in court. And get this, when NAFTA won, they could've got repaid all their legal fees from the US taxpayer. That is the cost of the loss of sovereign rights.
Small Print
The NAFTA trade agreement not only kills American workers, it circumvents American law. There is a clause in small print that takes away our ability as citizens to protect our workers and environment. It is this clause that Trans Canada knew could overturn any opposition in their planned pipeline. The clause automatically sends the case to a tribunal court. It is called, "Investor-State Dispute Settlement."
There are three judges. One from the corporation. Guess where he is going to vote? One from the opposing party which puts the deciding vote from the NAFTA appointed judge. Simple. We lose! Dear reader, it doesn't matter what local laws are on the books, they have no barring. Now, you know what an ego President Clinton has and how he has harmed our nation. He signed NAFTA. So far, Trump just says he wants deals to be renegotiated, but he never gives details like the hidden clause, Investor-State Dispute Settlement.
It gets worse...
under the agreement, if the opposing party loses, and now you know the system is rigged, that nation or party will have to cough up the court fees for the company that was opposed. In the case of the Keystone pipeline, the US taxpayer could get hit with a $15 billion cost. It is this clause that mega companies use to push ahead their deals like in Ecuador. The small third world nation could not afford their expensive court case. They ended up losing and the nation got hit with a $31 million court fees. How do you think the people of Ecuador feel about trade deals? How do you think the Sioux Nation feels about this corruption and another blow to Native Americans?
Will of the people...
Our founding fathers wanted to form a more perfect union and they feared a too big central government. It is why they had state rights in their thinking. Our federal government has circumvented state rights. Now, bureaucrats have circumvented central government. This is why we should drop all trade deals, drop out of the WTO and even NATO. For example, if Trump gets a stimulus infrastructure bill passed, he cannot state that all products like steel, concrete, etc. are American made. The WTO would sue us and they would win! The present make-up of all transactions limits or denies any protectionist measures. It is why I say, "All things are connected." It is another reason why we lost jobs and our standard of living has declined. This in turn lowers state revenues which means less money for our schools, roads and environment. This is the negative spiral that bureaucrats and the One World people have put on our nation.