Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blood Libel or Bloody Violent?

The tragic shooting this past week in Tucson, Arizona of Congresswoman, G. Giffords by the alleged shooter, Jared Loughner and many innocent bystanders reminds me of how violent our nation can become and the importance of wording like in this blog. Yes, I want to arouse the public to the offenses that I see happening within our society. Yes, I would like a call to action, however I prefer to utilize our democratic system even it it takes a lifetime. Sarah Palin takes offense in the blame for this recent outcome. She calls it,"Blood Libel!"
The PBS, Nightly News Hour posts a death roll when available due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ours, started when I was young, JFK in 1963. Both Bobby Kennedy and MLK,jr. in 1968. John Lennon in 1980, et al. How about Kent State or Jackson State? The sad list goes on-and-on. When will we..."GIVE PEACE A CHANCE?"