Monday, April 11, 2011

JAPAN: An Idea for the Obstacle...also new feature LIARS and CROOKS.

Before I lay out my suggestion I must confess this personal conviction - I am against nuclear energy. It is bad science. This is the facts. While a nuclear plant omits little air pollution while it is functioning, it always bears danger. Do we need to be reminded of Chernobyl and the 2365 years that this area will be uninhabitable? Now, we can add the 2400 years from the Fukushima Power Plant. It has destroyed the agriculture and fishing industry in this area of Japan. The pro-nuclear people will try to spin it saying things like, "the technology is better today and we have learned from past mistakes." Yeah, right, but the fact is one mistake destroys forever! And the mistakes keep happening. In addition, while the plant is working, it produces a by-product that is TOXIC. These spent rods need to be stored and no one really has addressed this issue, including our now closed(due to safety)Yucca Mountain facility.
With this in mind let us recap the Japanese disaster. After the incident, the TEPCO authorities stated that if power were available, they could restart the cooling system. Implying that all will be well. After they received electrical power, it was admitted that dangerous gases were present and it will take another week or two. Implying that all will be well.
It Was Simple Math
We called it. You cannot pour 12 ounces of coffee into a 10 ounce cup. Two ounces will spill. You don't have to be a physicist or an electrical engineer to figure that if 5x the amount of seawater is poured on the reactors to cool it, the results will spill 4x over and onto the surrounding ponds and land, contaminating the area. In addition, seawater erodes the rods causing more leaking into the environment. The next area was the ocean. The decision? The radioactive water had to be dumped into the ocean to get to the really dangerous water in the storage tanks and TEPCO would bring in a new cooling system which will take as long as six months(nice time spread in a crisis). The local ocean water is now 3,335 times over the safe limit and contains radioactive iodine, plutonium and cesium - all TOXIC.
Next week, the TEPCO people will have a new plan with the implication that all will be well. It calls for the Russian ship that filters radioactive water and nuetraizes it, or so they say. On Tuesday, the twelve of April, the Japanese government raised the nuclear warning to the highest number - 7. It's about time to call a spade a spade. The disaster is as bad as Chernobyl in leaking radioactivity into the air. Wall Street better wake up. The insurance claims will be off the chart. The supply line will have serious problems and the IMF downgrading Japan's economy from 1.6 GDP to 1.4 is a joke to the golbal economy. Stop implying all is well. It is a lie.
Well, and that's a deep topic, all is not well. The truth is it will take a decade to be able to safely sink this death plant into the earth and seal it, hopefully preventing further erosion, decay and pollution. Here is my plan.
Start preparing a train rail that goes directly inland to a grave that needs to be dug into the local mountain area. They need to build a HUGH facility in this mountain side because my plan calls this site to be the world's first dump site for spent rods whereby the Japanese nation could charge rent for storing the toxic residue. They will have ten years to get it ready and they should use this time to develop their robotic industry because this work will be extremely dangerous for humans.
As stated this will be dangerous work and robots could do the heavy lifting to place the debris of Fukushima onto the rail line to ship it inland to its grave site. Humans will be needed and if you take the job DEMAND a health plan, 'cause you are gonna need it.
NEW FEATURE: LIARS and CROOKS(one line dedicated to the title bearer)
This week: Ben Bernanke and the FED. It is no wonder that Ben did not want to reveal the truth about who got TARP aid because 70% of the $110 billion went to foreign banks. Our tax money to friends and cronies of the banking industry where they keep the profits and socialize the losses. END THE FED!