Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SC:Failed - Called It - Now I See...LIARS and CROOKS

The Super Committee did nothing, just as I predicted. What's more it reflects that our so-called leaders who are nothing more than rich elite, will only seek personal gain, re-election and maintaining the status quo for their perspective political parties until the next crisis arises to which they will try to achieve more of the same. The problem is the next crisis is here. It showed its face in Europe with the "new" solution to the sovereign nation debt situation. The idea is the same one that I predicted in my unpublished book which kills my internal self because I will not only not receive any credit for the warning, but my solutions to help America to answer these crooks is collecting dust along with it.
These are the super rich, mostly descendants of the aristocracy who under the concept of a One World Order for peace under their rule will help everyone. Yeah, it will bring the working men & women of the world back to feudalism with them in charge. They will have a new world currency to which the banks will dictate how much each nation can spend, on what it can spend it on and what and how much it can produce. The system uses central banks to which they have completed the first stage. The Euro is stage two. You see, last week the banks offered more money for the debt nations if they surrendered their sovereignty. This is the danger! You give up any rights to bankers who are just greedy, moral-less people seeking a return to the aristocracy and feudalism under the disguise of democracy. Please, for the sake of world freedom, just say NO!
Government Jobs
Part of the disguise to our decaying society and our declining standard of living has been the rise of government jobs. These are federal, state and local. They pay a higher wage than the private sector and a package of benefits that suggest a rising middle class which for appearances covers all bases except the Occupy Wall Street came along and soon these discrepancies will come to light. For those who understand the situation like Stephan Moore in his Wall St. Journal article points out that more Americans work for the government than construction, farming, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and utilities COMBINED! Nearly half of the $2.2 trillion cost of state and local government is the $1 trillion a year for pay and benefits of its employees. By the way 37 states have pensions that are unfunded and I don't give a damn about those people even though I will feel and understand their pain. They have been taking all these years while the rest of us have suffered. Sorry, that is the way I feel about it. It is up to you to force your state to honor your benefits, not the nation. 
This is the collusion that government produces that works for the One World Order scheme. The second? The lie of free trade. It is their cornerstone to cause the decay in the U.S.  If and when we collapse, the rest of the world will fall into place. Europe is just paving the roadway system that our corrupt leaders will turn to when our nation faces its financial nightmare called our debt which Mayer Rothschild stated back in Napoleon's time, "give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes the laws."
How Do They Know
...because every time there is risk in the marketplace, it turns to the dollar. Folks, the dollar is rising because of all the risks being created in Europe and today the banks came out with their plan. You see, no one wanted to buy the dollar because of all our debt, however if and this is what I hope for, that the Euro fails then all these banks will suffer unless they have some dollars to cover their assets which will decline in relationship to the dollar. So, our Fed is supplying dollars incase they need them if all hell breaks loose in Europe. By having dollars it will balance out any loses with the Euro or in any basket of currencies. Our Fed is corrupt and it is their strength in these emergencies.
...back at the ranch people are doing what these same people want them to do - consume and apparently pepper spray is the best buy in town, whether you're at Walmart, UC Berkeley or Wall Street. Did you get a rash? Try VIOXX. Oh, wait! Merck recalled it and they paid a huge fine, but admitted no guilt. Never could understand how a company can commit a felony and not close shop? The Republicans have the nerve to want no rules and regulations and yet, this stuff happens year in and out. Crooks!
And the Beat Goes On
Over 40% of the students in Detroit don't graduate. Over 50% of Hispanics don't graduate and everyone goes to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday(I like that idea)and Cyber Monday.
 By the way bank prosecutions are down under both political parties tenure's. Didn't we just experience the worst financial crisis? Bernie Madoff and others?  Yeah! No rules and regulations or water down whatever ones got through. This is our leaders?! ...And then, we keep the Sabanes-oxley act which only hurts small startups which results in less competition to the conglomerates and didn't prevent the disasters that Enron left us exactly ten years ago this week.
Stress Test for Banks
It's coming and isn't it funny that the Fed pushes this one day and the next, announces a world cooperation to exchange currency swaps, cutting the price to exchange money. And at the same time the rating agencies finally did their job and downgraded the banks, which our Fed counter acted upon. Speaking of the stress test, this time it is set to imagine 13% unemployment which is closer to the present situation, but will reflect a future time when they will admit it it is that high, however it will be more like 17% at that time. It's coming people. Prepare! Don't waste your money on another stupid gadget. Sorry, that is what I see coming down the pike.
LIARS and CROOKS: See Merck above or Newt Gingrich who consulted with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac people to the tune of over $1 million and he calls the other Republican candidates doing the request of lobbyist. He is the only candidate that is clean. Ha! Get out of town! End the Fed!