Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fed Printing=Loss of Financial Freedom...L&C

Everyone knows that central bankers around the world are debauching their currencies, seeking to gain an niche in the export market, but few see the real dangers that is happening beneath the radar. Take Japan for example. This week the $Yen fell in value to over 100 in exchange to the dollar. This is great for Sony, Toyota, et al. in the near-term, but the people of Japan will suffer over the long-term. The problem is inflation for the citizens and a possible bankruptcy for the government. At present Japan spends 21% of its revenues on interest for the nation's debt which is $11.2trillion, however the present printing policy adds another $455billion to it. This printing will mean that the value of Japan's debt will be twice the GDP($5.8t). They can print all they want, but who wants something that will have no value? The people of Japan will lose their financial freedom and this great island nation will be seeking global welfare.
another island nation which is already seeking welfare from the ECB. However, I want to stress the real danger with these central banks controlling a nation's money. What did the citizens of Cypress do when they could not get access to their money? The bills do not go away. You will still owe the electric, rent or mortgage, food, energy, etc. Those people will add fees and charges to your bill if not received on time. They don't care about your access to your money problem. Capital controls was tested with success. Not only that, but the fact that the government stole depositor's money was also set in stone. This is what central banks want under the thinking of a One World Order with them in charge.
This is the way that they are executing this policy. Electronic accounting. The Fed does not have money in its vault. When you hear or read that the Fed is printing new money to buy Treasuries or bonds in the market place, do you picture a building with a row of printing presses going 24/7? Dear reader, this is a false image. Did you realize that 93% of all the money in circulation is just an electronic debit or credit? Does anyone pay a bill with a check? You hardly see dollars in exchange at the grocery and elsewhere. People like the convenience of credit cards. Money is disappearing and the Fed likes this result. The Millennial's make it easy for them to enact this change because young people grab on to technology changes. They do not look to the negative aspects like being frozen from the ATM, banks or other financial exchanges. They fail to realize that by going to a bank you get a receipt from the teller which gives someone employment and you have written prove of an exchange. Banks love the idea of ending branch banks, cutting labor and ultimately, charging for Internets service. Don't be a step in this plan. Demand bank service, use currency in retail exchanges and vote to End the Fed! Keep in mind that if another financial crisis appears as a cloud in your morning coffee, at least you will have cash(gold&silver is better)in the house to weather the storm until the banks reopen.
Liars and Crooks: this week goes to the lies of the banking industry that wants you to do your banking over the Internet. This week in the news the story of cyber criminals stealing over $45million were finally caught. Dear reader, hacking into banks is big money and only the control of the media in exposing more of these stories is why there is little discussion and because they want your money. Stealing by hacking is already higher in value than all the armed robberies ever committed. End the Fed!