Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Signs of a Disturbed Mind

Do you recall that during the presidential campaign, Donald Trump said, "I could stand on the corner and shoot someone and still get elected?" Everyone dismissed this as a confused moment except the Democrats.
Last week, the day after his first State of the Union speech, he had another confused moment. He told an audience that those Democrats who did not clap during his speech were un-American. He stopped and changed his thought to, "Treasonous." This is UN-AMERICAN! It is a form of freedom of speech for everyone to decide what they favor or oppose. It gets worse.
The next day Trump declared that he wanted a special military parade. He said that he got the idea from France in watching their state parade in his honor when he visited the country. I hate this on many levels.
First, special, big parades cost a fortune. Our national deficit is bad enough. Trump is still fighting to increase the debt level because it is reaching un-repayable levels. He knows that Congress will increase the debt ceiling. So, what does he do? He wants to splurge and spend. He can declare it is a tribute to the veterans. He can rationalize and use his bully pulpit, but this is pure waste.
Secondly, it will appear foolish as there is nothing to celebrate like maybe the end of all the wars in the Middle East. Donald, we celebrate the Fourth of July as proud Americans! We don't need phony pomp, especially from France and Europe-as they dress up like the old aristocratic class. This is stupid following dumb.
Other Signs
He suggested that he won't sign anything unless he gets his funding for the "WALL." He brazen attitude will turn away any democrats who just recently allied themselves to his side. If he thought that he could "play" the Democrats, his pushing and backing of the concealed weapon bill in Congress is stupid off the charts.
This bill would allow anyone to carry a weapon in public. The second amendment allows us to have a weapon in our homes for protection. Society is trying to advance and be truly civilized. Our government ended dueling over a hundred years ago because it was stupid loss of life. Society slowly took guns out of public activity and this action benefitted everyone. However Donald, we still have a violent society with deep prejudices on many levels--faith, color and regional. We have road rage, dysfunctional families, homeless and poverty. Violence will break out and this violence will force everyone to get a gun. The only winners will be the gun producers, lawyers and undertakers. The nightly news will only have time for a quick weather check and the daily body-bag count. Donald, THINK before you tweet and shout!
If this gets signed into law, I predict a rocket surge in gun related deaths. Road rage will someday look like a winter pile-up of cars except the drivers will be shooting at each other. The worst case scenario will be a race war to which we all lose. Donald, THINK before you shout and tweet!
Donald also said a lot of things during his state of the union message and many of those points are issues that his Republican party has a history of not supporting. This outsider is becoming a deep insider. His budget is full of over inflated revenue projections and spending even the Democrats wouldn't attempt. Our national deficit will hit $25 trillion before his term ends. He is guilty of grandstanding, appeasing the military complex like with his excessive budget increase, while cutting clean air initiatives. All this in itself, bodes poorly for the future, especially for peace.  He will alienate support from both parties. His mind indicates when he realizes this turning point, he may do or declare some rash decision. What it is, I do not know, but he needs to step back, catch a breath and THINK before you tweet and shout!