Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Results From Our Experts

Back in 2007 senator Obama pledged in his presidential campaign to end the Middle East wars. After he got elected he actually increased the number of troops and violated another campaign promise. He increased our national debt by giving the military a pay hike. To put this in perspective consider this? Citizens drafted during the Vietnam Era got paid $93 per month and today, they make more than that in a day!
Anyway, eventually he pulled out the troops from Iraq. He stated, "Iraq could self determine..." We trained their military, supplied weapons and money and installed democratic elections. The election went to the Shite's. The newly minted cabinet shut out the competition, the Sunni's.
Back before President Bush invaded Iraq in 2003, other nations warned us to keep out because the nation is fiercely divided. One strong, bad dictator was better for the region than some unknown entity.
Our Experts
new better. Our "military leaders" new better. Today, only our citizens know better. It is a stupid, wasteful war that only makes the world more dangerous and destroys our natural treasures. It will serve no useful purpose.
The first fiasco came to light when President Bush stood on a ship and behind him was a banner proclaiming "Mission Accomplished." There was no plan to establish a new government after the dictator was disposed.
The latest oracle revealed itself with the rising of a fraction known as ISIS. They defeated the Iraqi army and took over Iraq's second largest city, Mosul.
Our "military leadership" didn't foresee this, but after it happened, they had the answer: more training, supplies and money. No one challenged them that this is the same plan instituted ten years prior.
Nevertheless, I draw your attention to the supplies equation. When ISIS defeated the Iraqi army, they took possession of the city which included oil distribution, money and the weapons that we supplied the Iraqi's. They could be using our taxpayer weapons to kill our troops!
Flash Forward
in late 2014, ISIS had another victory by taking Ramadi. In this latest fiasco, we at least know what they took command over. The following taxpayer revenues that will increase our national debt well into the future went into this rogue group. We lost:
2,300 Humvee's worth $16m.
40 Abron tanks worth $172m.
52 Howitzer's worth $2.7m
74,000 machine guns worth $29m.
and who knows what else?
ISIS continues to sell oil in the open market and for all practical purposes are operating as a country within a nation. Our "experts" and "military leaders" offer the same plan as they did back in 2002 when the fool first invaded. Excuse Meeeeee! They are offering the 1964 plan that we used in Vietnam. Send supplies, send some advisers and put up some bases to track the progress. Then what, you ask? Troops on the ground! 50,000 drafted EVERY MONTH!
Oh, by the way those same experts allowed the State Department, White House, the Office of  Personal Management and even the US Army website to be HACKED! This will cause undo hardship for many US citizens not to mention what harm that we will pay for future fraud by criminals. The military wastes $-one trillion every two years and our border is unsafe, our national treasures squandered and now, our invention, the internet will cause us all grief!
My response is to call your attention to the words of wisdom from an unlikely source, the QB of the Denver Broncos who reminds us, "The Arc was built by an amateur while the Titanic was built by experts."