Sunday, April 21, 2013


My first reaction to the bombings in Boston was what is wrong with these people? Killing innocent people? What is wrong with the people in the Muslim religion that preach jihad, killing to make in their view, the world a better place? The only seed of change that you are breeding is hate, distrust and the powers-to-be in the US to increase budgets to fight any views which they feel threaten America.
I kept singing in my head the old 45 "...Boston, your my home." I love the guy in the Yankee organization who placed a Boston logo next to the Yankee logo on top of the stadium with the words: united we stand. That was then, this is now.
F.B.I. knew suspect
That's right! All the B.S. about social media and asking for the public help to capture the two suspects was a smoke screen. Why you ask? Because the Russian government tried to help ours by informing   our nation two years ago that the older brother, Tamerlan, could have terrorist leanings. The FBI checked him out. They said he was good to go. He would not be a problem. Ha! Because the first statement from law officials, including the FBI was that they did not know the suspects. Only now, when the truth surfaces, do they change their story to say, it was a forgotten report. No harm no foul. Are you kidding me! These people bring to mind three words: incompetent, incongruous and incredulous. In addition, a relative of the two says the FBI kept checking and watching the family ever since the first interview.
Two Stories
from the past to show that all these government agencies need to fire all the top people and replace them with the type of citizens who use common sense. People who do the right thing like first responders. They may not have the right kind of degree from the Ivy League, but their actions speak louder than words.
This first story takes place during the Cold War. The situation is this: the president is coming to town in his open convertible. He will parade through the streets heading to a meeting. Everyone is invited to see him. Now, your job is to protect the president from ding-dong's that are in our society. So, you check out the danger signals that could appear in this town: anyone with radical views, violent record and of course, all travel into and out of this area. There is one fellow. He renounced his citizenship to become a Russian Communist. He was in the military. He had been seen handing out aggressive propaganda, ordered a rifle through the mail and he works in a large building along the parade route. Did the FBI look into the danger of Lee Harvey Oswald? Did anyone from law enforcement in the city? Anyone from the federal government? NO!!!!! They should have fired all the bastards then and there!
The next story is recent. Our spy agency, NSA overheard some terrorist in Yemen on a cell phone saying that the day is close to make the US suffer. Not only did this call get heard, but others too. The culprits plan to go to America. They are followed by NSA all the way to San Diego where their jurisdiction ends on our soil. So, if you are the NSA worker who knows this, what do you do? Apparently, NOTHING!!!! They don't tell the FBI about these terrorist who eventually travel across the country and crash two planes into the World Trade Center. Fire the stupid bastards! We would not have had the two senseless wars not to mention the loss of life and national treasure.
Police State
Now, back to last week. Did you notice on the endless news reporting of the bombing how many police officers there were? Thousands. Not only that, they had assault weapons drawn, armored personnel carriers, helicopters(drones in future)even tanks to catch two men. On every street they instituted Marshall law without the authority to invoke such action. No one was allowed out of their homes for work, food, medicine, whatever. If you ventured out, you ended up in jail. This is the very definition of police state. And did the police find the two? No! The two felt the pressure. They were spotted by the MIT police officer. They panicked. They feared capture. Shot the poor man in a shoot-out. They hijacked a car in Watertown,Ma. However, the owner of the car left his cell phone in it and the police could trace the car to the exact spot. Probably where there was another shoot-out. The older brother dead and the younger on the run. Later, a home owner saw blood on his boat in the back yard. Called the police. It was over. Two squad cars could have solved this case, but in the crisis the government used the situation to see if they could effectively enact a police state. Now, they know they can. Be prepared for that and this.
Prediction: GRA
Obama just signs laws that people in his group says we need. They are not passed by Congress, but are executive acts like 13603 which says the government can enact regulations to prioritize and allocate resources. This means they can take all commodities and products being digested=your food.
GRA means Guaranteed Retirement Act. When we have the next financial crisis, the government has a plan to get out of it. They will go after private pensions. They already back pensions of companies that went out of business like Eastern Airlines. Now, they will set this program for all pensions just like social security. They will steal the estimated $19.5trillion to cover our national debt when this crisis arises. They will print new money to cover the money that they took to keep the status quo in order. However, this money will be less than was owed and it will be worth less in value.
Liars and Crooks:Goes to the federal government agency that inspects safety regulations in industry. This infamous award is shared by the state of Texas for the explosion in the fertilizer plant in West, Tx. This plant was last inspected in 1985. Can you believe how incompetent, incongruous, and incredulous this is? Off the chart. No excuse. Fire all the bastards!!!...oh, yeah, and End the Fed!