Wednesday, March 7, 2018


This transcript is from a discussion from the PBS Show, Nightly Business Report. The date was 22cd of February of this year. The host, Tyler Mathisen shows great courage to address a volatile topic and greater character to suggest that as a nation, we are losing our democracy. His guest was Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic(MDT) and a senior fellow at Harvard's Business School.
Dear reader, I have stated many times that our government is corrupt as it condescends the people under a label of populism. They do not listen to us and this is why I call for the creation of a new third party. The original platform will stand for peace as a nation. We will no longer be the police force for the world. We will only enact laws that protect American workers with the ideas of the constitution to "promote the general welfare in the pursuit of happiness." We will strive to return to the gold standard and we begin by demanding a balanced budget every year. There are many other issues facing America, but our nation needs a starting point and the LIBERTY PARTY is it.
Tyler: The school shooting in Florida last week has refocused many controversial discussions and conversations in America. One of them is the power that industries and their lobbyists have over the nation's political process.
I don't know whether you happened to see the CNN town hall last night. But at one point during the discussion, one of the questioners asked one of the senators, I believe it was Mr. Rubio, this basic question. If the NRA has such power over the political process in the US, they being an arm of an industry, the gun manufacturing industry, is democracy broken?
And I suppose you could ask a similar question about the pharmaceutical business, which has tremendous power over drug policy in the country and drug pricing in this country. Or you could ask a similar question about the banking business and its power over regulators and Congress.
Talk me through this one. Do companies and their lobbying arms control our democracy to too great a degree today?
Bill: Well, I certainly think they do in the case of the school shootings. The NRA has enormous power, Tyler. And it's very discouraging to me when over 80 percent of the American public is urging restrictions on assault weapons and yet you see that Congress seems hamstrung to act. I'm not optimistic they will.
And frankly, I'm urging CEOs to get out there and organize in their local communities, with their mayors, their city councils, get the state legislatures and governors involved, and take action locally. I'm much more optimistic of that.
After all, these are our children. These are our employees and their families. And these are our communities. And the obligation we all have as CEOs to protect our local communities and to make sure that our students are safe.
I do feel like this time it's different. We are at a tipping point perhaps in the thinking of the American public. But, I think we are going to get more action locally to make schools safe and to take of guns coming in school. I think it's horrible.
Tyler: Let me come back to my earlier thesis if I might just a little bit.
Bill: O.K.
Tyler: And that is the idea that I think a lot of voters, individuals, feel as though the system works for large corporate interests, but doesn't work for the general population, and because there is so much corporate money or PAC money flowing in to the pockets, the coffers, the campaign committees of men and women who run for the House or Congress or Senate or state legislation, that people have lost control of their government at the expense of corporate interests.
Bill: Well, there is truth in that. Ever since Citizen United, it isn't just corporate interests, Tyler. It's individual wealthy donors are giving huge, hundreds of millions of dollars or more to political campaigns because we took all those restrictions off. Yes, I think it's having too much influence.
And I do think that our congressmen and women and senators need to be listening to the people. I'm delighted to see the students stepping up and lobbying. I think the parents have to go with them to do that to do that. But that's still going to be a long pull. We have come a long way to give too much power to moneyed interests.
I think we have got to change that as a country and get it back to a democracy and stop listening to all the lobbyists. There is so much power in our lobbyists throughout the country. But nowhere is that lobby greater than the NRA.
Tyler: All right. Bill George, always interesting to talk with you. I enjoyed your conversation. We appreciate it.
I'll Go Further...
This is beginning to which we should all become aware that our two political parties are corrupted by money and their personal egos. They will never do what is right. Instead of seeking voters to put something on a ballot, let us seek to form a new political party that stands for us. I call it the Liberty Party. Can I get an Amen?