Sunday, May 6, 2012

My First Occupy Wall Street Meeting...L&C

I went to my first OWS meeting on Saturday and I hate to say this, but it was very depressing. My goal was to make an impact. I didn't.
I had my expectations. I looked at the movement as if it were a house. The originators got this great movement going like the cornerstone to a house. The public joined to make the first floor. The critics attacked. Why? Because they are controlled by the status quo, however that would not be the complete answer. Yes, there are problems with our society, economy and mobility, what is your solution? At present the silence of OWS is deafening.
What Happened
The meeting took place in the basement of the Judson Church. It was set in a circle with two young men acting as moderators. Being young and inexperienced, the meeting took no order until it was agreed that maybe everyone introduce themselves, what their experience was so far and what they hoped for the movement.
When it came time for me to add my piece, I noticed the moderators rolling their hands to move it along, so whatever I said fell on deaf ears. Before I go any further, let me help the cause by placing a couple of sites where information can be and If that is all I do, well, I did it.
your email will be bombarded with notices once you are placed in their system. It becomes work to clear all these repeated messages as if each member wants you to know their name and contribution. In fact while I was at the above meeting, there were other meetings in various places like Bryant Park on how to remain cool when confronted or an arts and culture of OWS at 511 west 25th street. This is one of the many problems with the movement. Endless meeting that conflict with each other causing splinter groups which deflate the overall strength. At my meeting the most repeated thought was the media, who got coverage and who didn't. This lack of serious ideas means that the movement will have a tough time to expand to the second floor of the building and movement.
Black Swan
I offered the analogy from the titled book: Black Swan, however I don't think anyone even knew the book or meaning. I gave a quick transition that the unexpected to the status quo is the OWS which makes it a black swan and I had written a book four years earlier on the same wavelength as OWS and I had the concept to answer the critics, a solution. I guess it will wait. There were some good people at the meeting as well as some that I'm opposed such as those who celebrate Karl Marx and his birthday. John Lennon had that answer, "if you are carrying signs of chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow." The girl was attractive, but I'll give her hell if I see her again.
The only thing that Marx said that was true was this,"capitalist will move their money anywhere even to an apparent enemy if the profits at home at not sufficient." You don't have to look far to see the outsourced jobs and factories to Mexico, S.Korea and now, China. We need to protect the American worker, first and foremost and End the Fed!
LIARS and CROOKS: This whole China dissident episode. It looks to be a smoke and mirror for something else. How could a blind guy escape and go to the embassy which is over 300 miles away and like is he the only activist in a country of one billion? How come the secretary of state is going to a meeting and the treasurer is with her along with Helicopter Ben. This trio is a first. Something else is in the wind and then we'll know what these L&Cs are really doing.