Wednesday, June 27, 2018

More Odds and Ends

In another display that reflects the lower economic standards in America, the people who determine the make-up of the Dow 30, kicked out venerable GE for a retail firm. There was no respect for the firm that was the only surviving original member of the index. There was no grace period for a company that in the 1990s was the most valuable company in the world. The "throw-away" mentality of our consumer society over a producing culture was evident when the announcement of the death keel for the 1896 member was broadcasted. By the way, GE is a union type company. It is being replaced by Walgreens, an anti-union firm that pushes retail crap as if we need another one of those.
Just last month Monsanto was replaced by media chit-chat, Twitter. I hope people start realizing that the companies that helped to create our wonderful standard of living, are either slowly dying due to the manipulations of world trade or being taken over by foreign entities by merger. Trump is not always right about issues, but he is on world trade. The world dumps their stuff into our economy. Their standard of living rises, while ours falls. We are not even in the top 20 nations in our living standards. Dear reader, 28% of the population in the city of liberty, of brotherly love, live in poverty...and there are many locations within our country with stats just like that.

In case you have not noticed the roller-coaster ride in Venezuela, here is an update. Back in January their stock index peaked at over 100,000. I asked at the time, why? Did they discover more oil? The answer was no and in fact, their oil production was in decline. Did they discover a cure for cancer? No, again. In fact, it was reported that their was a shortage of food and medicine along with other daily necessities. So, what was it? My only answer was inflation. Inflation was so bad that prices were rising like crazy. Then, their market crashed. Their index dropped all the way back to one thousand. Can you imagine? Now, every day their index is rising again, As of last Friday, it hit 71 thousand, six hundred and change. Argentina is not the only nation with 40% inflation. Of course, our lying, corrupt Fed says inflation is still under their 2% target. Yeah, get real!

Plastic or Paper?

In another good turn of events, another California city made an environmental law change. Like many cities on the West coast from Seattle down, municipalities are banning plastic straws for paper straws. Our democracy is slow, makes many mistakes like Churchill famously said, but eventually gets it right.

Tea or Tea?

The question may sound funny, but Canadians will repeat that question many times. The government has passed legislation that will make pot legal in October. So, put the kettle on, but let the waitress know which tea you want.

Dictator or Autocrat?

Erdogan won his bid for re-election in Turkey. His powers were increased where he now can suspend Parliament. The West say the election was not fair and the lira, the Turkish currency is sinking. It is no wonder that Erdogan shuns the West and embraces the Chinese and their Silk Road in trade.


The European central bank kept their interest rates unchanged. Yeah, they offer savers negative rates which means you get back less money than you deposited in the bank. It also keeps the euro from rising which is good for EU members to manipulate the market with their exports. Then, the EU government leaders cry foul against Trump and the US in the use of tariffs or protectionism. Get out of town!

Space Force

Sadly, I knew this day would come. We are environmentally destroying our planet earth. Most of the destruction has come from wars and the on-going development of weapons. The next human tragedy will see those who win the battle of communication, will win the war. Technology has put satellites in space and this is where the battles will take place. We are killing our planet and soon, the surrounding region of it in space. We need the mantra now more than ever, Give Peace a Chance.

Next week is the Fourth. I will publish a short story in honor of it. I would welcome feedback on it. Take care.