Wednesday, November 4, 2015

So Many Candidates, So Little Hope: The Republicans

Yes, it is the Republicans turn. As stated, I have no faith in our so-called leaders or those to be nominated. Remember: Faith is more expensive than hope and hope itself is sinking like a stone in water. With that said, here is the present group.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...
The Republicans firmly believe the concept that anyone can become president in the US. In fact, a rumor circulates that every Republican Congressman and Senator looks in the mirror every morning and sees the next president.
Here is the present list and there is enough to field a diamond or a gridiron. Not to leave out B-ball, there is still time to sport a starting five. The day is young.
*Jeb Bush: the media's choice, perfect status quo, but no popular support - fading fast.
*Ben Carson: his calm approach is gaining traction and grass root support. Seeks tax reform, balance budget, a doctor who opposes Obamacare and he is pro-life. Could gain a position as a cabinet or VP running mate, but won't win the nomination.
*Chris Christie: fading and GW Bridge scandal hurt. Probably will dropout.
*Ted Cruz: Hispanic appeal always inherent. Rising from the dead. Says he is fiscally conservative, but offers no real details other than against democratic spending. Says he is for jobs, but votes for trade packs which kill jobs. I see nothing in him.
*Carly Fiorina: token female. She is against planned parenthood group. Says she is for the middle class, but offers no real ideas. Could be offered a cabinet position to gain female votes.
*Jim Gilmore: CIA type and not to be trusted in my view. Will increase military budget.
*Lindsey Graham: war monger and has no idea how to help the US economy. Probably will dropout.
*Mike Huckabee: fading fast, but made a strong statement for American workers by going against the H-1B visas. Sounds more democratic than republican which is why he is fading.
*Bobby Jindal: token ethnic for diversity effect. Has a plan to replace Obamacare, nothing else. Probably will dropout.
*John Kasich: strongest candidate that talks about issues and displays answers to questions. This type of candidate should do better, but our system is so bad that he too, is fading, He is for a balanced budget(Good - my support) against abortion(I like to see this as a national vote which I expressed in my unpublished work)against ethanol subsidies(Good - my support)I don't know if this candidate has conviction to his positions as almost all candidates say they are for something just to collect votes with no real purpose behind it. Doesn't sound like a Republican, but could gain a cabinet or VP running mate position.
*Rand Paul: against fiat money(Good -my support), but personality is losing audience. Probably will dropout.
*Marco Rubio: Hispanic appeal is inherent. A young, war monger who would increase military spending. This guy is terrible and has no vision for America, however the rich like him like Paul Singer, a billionaire who recently endorsed him.
*Rich Santorum: same old, same old. Probably will dropout.
*Donald Trump: I think his star peaked. The media and insiders hate him which makes him worthy, if nothing else. Shoots from the hip which can backfire. His abrupt style needs to be pushed into a more teaching, calm manner like Ben Carson to gain national appeal. He is against trade packs. (good- I endorse.) He needs to clarify his immigration stance to be more pragmatic. (The US cannot take in immigrants when 10 million go unemployed, but are not counted in our manipulated agencies. Maybe in the future if things get better is my position.)
There you have it, but again, this list changes from week-to-week. Say goodbye to: Jim Webb, Scott Walker and Pataki."...Nana, nana, Nana, nana, Hey, hey, Goodbye..."