Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Training, March Madness - to the scoreboard

It's that time of year and after this past winter, which was really rough, hope springs eternal, again this spring.  I guess the Groundhog was right with its call for an early spring. Of course, if your a Cubs fan, it has been four score or more than one lifetime since claiming the trophy at the big dance, however new year no fear.
The pundits control the media and according to them, its all good and even with the unrest in the Middle East. They say $4.00 per gallon won't hurt the economic recovery. Maybe not for those overpaid government employees, but its killing me. Speaking of which, there seems to be some disturbance outside the ballpark. People with signs yelling about collective bargaining, but that is our second game, Public versus Private. Now, a recap of the action so far.
Old "Helicopter" Ben took the mound and has his Fed ahead of the Consumers early in the game. The Fed scored a run in January although the Consumers had the bases loaded with the highest rate of inflation for food costs, but Ben didn't allow a run to score even when the Food & Agricultural Organization for the United Nations said food inflation hit a new record. Ben got this "hot" prospect to tap-out to the mound.
The Fed scored another run in February as Ben spoke to Congress and passed any blame on the dollar to government's lack of discipline in regards to spending deficits. Ben retired the Consumers, 1-2-3. So, after two innings the Fed lead it, 2-0. It looks like the Fed will repeat and another long season for the Consumers, both literally and figuratively. By the way China has been traded. It is warming up in the bullpen. It went from a food exporter to the world's largest importer of food. Good news for the farm belt, but demand causes prices to rise and inflation always comes along for the ride. Ask anyone in the Middle East. Can Ben hold down this prospect? And look who is in the game out in left after being "left out" for so long. Yes. For the first time since "Reconstruction," cotton is back. It has looked good in camp and broke the record for price in over 150 years. Wow! It reminds me of the line by Phil"the scouter"Rizutto in Meat Loaf's song, PARADISE by the DASHBOARD LIGHT, "this rookie makes things happen." ...On to the top of the third. Leading off for the Fed, QE2...
In other sport news March Madness begins next week after the invitations go out this weekend. The field will be expanded and all I have to say at this time is - "GO IRISH!" Of course the big dance has never been won by the Irish and our greatest basketball coach, John Wooden would say,"failure is not always fatal, but not willing to change can be." I bet those words of wisdom are not on any governmental bulletin board or how about this from Alexis de Tocqueville, "In a revolution(big dance), as in a novel, the most difficult part to invent is the end." Wonder what old Ben is planning? Peace, Love. JFL.