Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gamechanging Words for 2012...LIARS and CROOKS

Ever watch JEOPARDY? I will utilize the category concept with some new words that I feel will be front and center in 2012. I know one thing. The media loves new words because they can throw them out to confuse the public and it increases their ratings. Then, after over using them and everyone knows what they imply, they find new ones. It is all a sham to disguise and distract us from our real problems like today we heard that unemployment claims went down 19,000 to an average of 366,000, the lowest since 2008 indicating that jobs are improving. Big, big headline. Well, did you also hear today that the census bureau revealed that 1 in 2 Americans are poor or low class. That is what I'm talking about. Real serious internal problems. The first word on our list is
Ever hear of it? It is an English law term that is similar to our term lien except in use. A lien is a block on a transaction that has to be cleared in order to execute the transaction. In commodity usage re-hypothecation means your assets can be claimed immediately for failure like for example a margin call. So, when Jon Corzine testified before Congress that he did not know where his client's missing money was located, he told the truth, probably the only one he stated. The problem is the word fiduciary. Goldman Sachs had the same problem when they secretly bet against the same CMO's that they sold to the market. Did Jon Corzine tell his client's that they could lose their money due to re-hypothecation? I bet not! The other problem is the people asking the questions. Why didn't they wrap them around the word fiduciary? Because these are the same people who receive their campaign money from the people that appear before them. They are all LIARS and CROOKS.
Our next word is
What is that, you ask? It is Helicopter Ben dropping our dollars to anyone and everyone in the world. Through the FREDDOM of INFORMATION ACT it was revealed that our Federal Reserve lent out over $7 trillion dollars during the financial crisis. That equals half of our total net worth. No wonder they did not want to be audited. Well, last week they gave away our dollars to Europe and others for basically nothing, putting Americans in jeopardy because we will pay if anything goes wrong with this out of control idiot. The bottom line is this: these people are the ones who got us into this financial mess and it is the same people with their same ideas trying to solve the situation that they created. This is why I say, End the Fed! Start a new political party that works with the concepts of Jefferson and Madison and today's environment. Oh, by the way did you hear that Steuben Glass is no more. We allow the status quo to rule with the lie of free trade and every week another American company dies. The constitution says to PROTECT the GENERAL WELFARE not the welfare of the global community. Our next word is
We supposedly ended the Iraqi war today, but we are building a compound that holds 16,000. What an outright lie that the government and military believes the public will swallow. In any event the real danger is on our borders, internet space and government debt.
Last year China and Russian hackers stole over $387 billion worth of corporate secrets for product development and our military leaders got us worrying about Middle East training in the dersert. But hey, they allowed the bomb to be stolen from them in the first place. Top security? Ha! Forty thousand people have died in the drug wars on our southern border and we find that one of our agencies are selling weapons to the bad guys. Security? Ha!
Finally, our debt surpassed our GDP for the year, climbs $4 billion everyday and we still have the financial housing crisis, deriveratives running wild and now, their will be a line with 4.3 million baby boomers looking to collect social security putting us deeper in debt everyday. They have no choice because their are no jobs. Government transfer payments will provide half of our economy. We'd better wake up and protect whatever is left like every nation does in the global community. Protectionism is why they are growing and we are shrinking and aging.
LIARS and CROOKS: this week it is AMR which filed for bankruptcy. This whole bankruptcy setup must be over-hauled. It is another lie and sham. The company has over $4 billion in cash and yet it says it cannot meet its obligations. Of course not! It never intended to in the first place. They never funded the pension fund for their workers. With the bankruptcy they screw their shareholders and bondholders and of course, the ratings agency gave their bonds the thumbs up. Every company seems to follow the same scenario and no regulator does anything about it. It all ends in another government program that is also out of funding. Maybe our government is planning the same thing to all of us, cause we know that they have already stole the money that was placed into the social security program. End the FED!