Monday, October 15, 2012

Legislative Retail...L&C

The idea of legislating retail has been around for quite awhile now. It started with hunting and fishing licenses. Politicians realized that they could generate revenues, create jobs and develop bigger government through laws that force citizens to purchase what use to be free. It got a modern jump start with the idiot in Oklahoma who came up with the parking meter. The best ideas(capable of being passed by Dems&Repubs) are the ones that help all government levels from local-to-state-to-federal like the gasoline tax. The republicans claim that these ideas are in the democrat camp, however both parties sign off on the legislation.
Cash for Clunkers
is one of the latest entries into this domain. It spread to appliances, back-to-school, first-time home ownership and now could reach new possibilities with the Supreme Court. They are working on a case that could determine whether you can have a garage sale, sell produce that you grew or even allow you to sell over the internet like with Ebay.
Internet Next
that question has bounced around for a few years, but eventually, the government will tax it and prices will go up and some joker politician will call that progress to which, now is also happening in the private sector.
Get Your Modem,
I got the best prices, colors and models is a business opportunity waiting for you. That's right! Stand outside of an Apple store, cable operator or similar enterprise and bark your hardware because private enterprise has got the government to allow them to charge a lease fee for modems that make their connection system work for you. It wasn't bad enough you had to wait all day for them to install it, but now, they want to charge you extra for the equipment that makes the system applicable.  So, beat them to the punch. You can buy wholesale and undersell the competition. Every customer who feels that the Internet operators are rip-off artists will gladly be your customer. Go get'em!
Liars and Crooks:this week is in preparation for tomorrows second presidential debate. That's right. I'm going to give to a pop quiz next week. Don't worry. It won't be hard because the two candidates won't discuss the Fed, how both political parties are responsible for the deficit, excess military budget, falling value of the dollar, loss of jobs, et al. So, listen and you won't hear anything and that is worth one-third of your grade.