Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A New Police Danger

I don't want to pick on the police because like my mother told me, "There is good and bad in everything." As for my life experience with the lawmen not to mention a few relatives, there are two types of cops. You have officers and pigs. The pigs are the thugs who shoot first and ask questions later. The problem is we don't have enough officers and it seems that the thugs are in the majority. The recent tragedies and travesties of the law to our citizens is bad enough, but the latest dictum from the US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions could germinate a seed of rebellion in our society. When you find more reasons to suppress people, there is bound to be a backlash. It is like Newton's Law, "For every action there is an equal opposite reaction."
Where's your license?
There are stories in the news and internet all the time like kids being arrested for selling lemonade in front of their home or laws not allowing garage sales. These things build up and form a poison to our emotional state. This new oppression I fear could swell within the cortex to explode with unforeseen consequences. The English taxed and the American colonist responded, "No taxation without representation!" The disease of no representation is already present in our society. Our government never does what citizens want. They condescend our thinking as "Populist."
A new thorn in our garden...
The attorney general wants police to seize cash and property during any course of action. Sessions uses a truthful logic in this approach, but he does not understand the concept of abuse. He says that he does not want drug dealers to benefit by their illegal operations. This sounds good, but this change in procedure has an underlined profit motive for the police. The cash and property that they take will be kept for their department and things like their pension.
The police have seized more property and cash than robbers. That is not a misprint. In 2014, federal law enforcement took more cash and property than crooks. State and local authorities seized untold millions more. Since 2007 the DEA(Drug Enforcement Admin.) alone has taken more than $3B in cash from people. By the way, most of these people were not even charged with a crime. How would you like to be stopped after going to your bank and then, have all your money taken from you and all the police have to say is that you were under suspicion. This is Abuse! This is Tyranny!