Sunday, June 17, 2012

1st Truth:40% Loss & Back to Lies...L&C

There was a report released this past week from the Federal Reserve of all institutions that was the first real truth about the American economy and state of affairs. If it were, say for example, in a another nation with the similar effects from the financial crisis, I'm sure that the people of Spain could relate and the Greek nation that is entering elections today, would utilize it as a force to determine who to vote for to correct their economy and way of life.
The report stated that the average American loss almost 40% of their asset value due to the destructive forces of the financial crisis. It goes further to say that as of 2010, the average asset value of our nation declined to $77,300 from $126,400 in 2007. It implies the dangers to government revenues due to unemployment, however there is no mention of the added hopelessness to recover due to unemployment.
Talk show BS!
If you listen to the airwaves, pundits from both sides of the aisle blame the other party and provide "facts" dating to either Clinton for the donkeys or Reagan for the elephants. Authors fill the gaps with their latest work to add authority and fairness for these shows. In pieces like, Screwed: the Undeclared War Against the Middle Class, these writers make a persuasive argument. However, in my unpublished work:The Evolution of Democracy: the Book of Multiple Ideas and Predictions, I was saying the same argument back in 2008 except the conclusions you read here won't be heard anywhere else.
In fact, I go back further, all the way to 1973 and even the Marshall Plan after WWII. Americans work harder, longer and for less pay with higher productivity than their counter-parts in Europe and Japan who benefited from world trade before China entered the fray. It's funny that 1973 stands out as the turning point or tripping point in the American economy. It was the last year of strength in labor unions. They lost and so did the nation. We went from manufacturing to a service economy due to the lack of protection from our own government and the creativeness of our nation. The problem  is the military eats up our budget and destroys our dollar. This needs to end. We are not the police force for the world.
When you combine the two negatives with the new service paycheck which is lower than a manufacturing check, well, your standard of living declines. This is the real truth and bottom line.
Baby Boomers
are going to have to work longer because of this loss of wealth as they enter retirement age. Old Helicopter Ben says the economy will add jobs by 2014. What he was really saying is when the baby boomers retire, jobs will open up. The Federal Reserve gave an honest report, however they did not say that they were the cause of all our problems by destroying the value of the dollar and encouraging debt. End the Fed!
LIARS and CROOKS: Again, to President Obama. He passes an executive act called the Dream Act which says if illegal immigrant children are in good standing in this country, well, they can stay. One, I thought that the constitution stated that only Congress shall institute law. Secondly, the President is over-stepping Congress. This is tyranny. And, isn't it amazing that the president takes a stand four years into office at election time. He didn't do this to get the Hispanic vote. It is the right thing to do. Yeah, get out of town!