Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1st Crimea, Now ICANN, Next?...Accountability

The takeover of Crimea may have come about by a disputed vote, however it was achieved by a slow rot. I don't want to get off the topic or direction of the theme, but it is ironic that the Ukraine crisis led to a change in government by a disputed democratic vote. This vote was recognised. Yet, when a democratic vote was used in Crimea, it is not recognised. When Russia turned over Crimea in 1954, they retained the rights to the port. This control gave Russia the ability to direct the local economy with jobs and the occasional epistemological corruption. Russia also moved many people there to place in key positions. Being a warmer climate compared to the Russian homeland, many more Russians relocated there. This is why the population is mostly Russian. The vote was symbolic. The takeover was a fait accompli. The real danger is this the new technique for the 21st. Century?
is a mouthful of letters that stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers. This organization began in 1998 in response by the global community for a stake hold in the surging use of the Internet. Since the Internet is another contribution to the world by the US, it had been a US entity. With that being said, the US did allow world governments the ability to control content, however now, these same governments want that all important 51%.
The question to ask is why? Could it be the Arab Spring? Could it be the unrest in China? In Turkey?
China did ban Goggle for a period of time. The dispute still has not been officially cleared up. Turkey has a ban on Twitter at the moment. It seems that everyone will go along with the present format, but governments may decide to build their own, although I think that they will play the political game. This game got a huge lift from the disclosure of the NSA spying. Another feather in our military's hat, especially those idiots at NSA. It appears that the Dot.Com's and Dot.Govs will get some type of changeover because the US seems to be leaning on the side of transferring key stewardship to the Global Community. I don't like this decision. At best, it should be temporary with a sunset time limit. After this period, it could be renewed if all goes well.
What I See
is government censorship. Another slow rot like in Crimea. There really is no reason for the change except this aspect. At present the US allows government controls, but when implemented, everyone knows. This is why governments want that 51%. To hide the truth! The Internet is one of the last places to get second opinions, and that is what the statist want to eliminate. It is about the control of information which is the currency of the 21st.Century. It is about freedom of man. It is about freedom of speech. This is the ideology behind a mask of anti-US control. Again, we can thank our military for the situation that they have placed us in.
the population is 100% Chinese. The economy has been very slow the past two years with GDP being under 2%. The government just approved a trade agreement with their biggest trading partner. That's right, China. The deal opens in China 80 sections of the economy, but for a much smaller island nation, 60 sections are open to competition with China. Who do you think will control the Taiwan economy in a few years? I'll give you the first letter:C. This field is not even. The population of Taiwan is 23m and China has 1.3b. China's GDP is $8.3t and Taiwan's is $473b. This is another example where government does not protect its citizens. Global trade is a lie. A capitalist economy cannot compete with a socialist economy. This is why the US is in decline, because the world uses socialism to compete. It is like the Federal Reserve versus your local bank or in this case 17 plus to 1. This is going to be another case of a slow rot. What do we do when Taiwan wants to vote to rejoin China?  This is going to be the most dangerous place in the world in a few years.
Accountability: California has and is trying to save its salmon industry. They actually have to collect the fish, truck them to a location where the salmon can get to the Pacific Ocean, grow and then, return to spawn. Why? Because dam projects by the army engineers failed to account for the fish in their designs. I think that the federal government should pay California a rebate for this worthy attempt to save the industry.