Wednesday, April 18, 2018

China: Aiming At Its Own Foot

When a political party controls government, they throw money around to their supporters, especially spoils to its loyal members. Many of those self-serving drones get bureaucratic jobs. They sit around and try to develop a means to maintain their position with living off the dole. To make matters worse, in many cases, the position comes with a pension too. Europe wrote the playbook for all to follow.
The Chinese Communist Party is second to no one in broadening these bureaucratic agencies. Now, those party lap-dogs have presented the big-wigs with an idea.
Social Credit System
In their thinking this program will coalesce the nation. The social engineers of Dystopia will give it a nice name like Congress when it passes a dangerous idea. If you think America is diverse with 50 states that consists of a North, South, Mid-west and West regions of thought, consider China with no one central language, a vast history of regional differences with an equal history of revolution until one big dog takes control. The Chinese Communist are the alpha dog today, but prosperity will kill it.
In a negative spin of John Kennedy's famous speech, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country," the Chinese will commence a social credit system.
Big Brother in action...
The Chinese will gather info on all its citizens like NSA did illegally in the US. They will track your smartphone use, your computer searches, your social media, job, finances, family and friends. They will tell their trading partners that they are going after the nation's black market which is huge and managers who cut corners in license agreements, intellectual theft, disregard for patents with clone products, etc. The spin will sound great, but the real purpose is to find potential enemies of state. To eliminate any competition to their authority and status quo. In essence, they will copy the World Wrestling Federation creed: Lie, cheat, steal to stay on top.
Anyway, the Chinese will set up a standard that all can follow, provided that you do as told. If you are rated a good citizen you can enjoy good financing to get a house, a car and travel. If you or if any of your family or associates are rated poorly, you will be locked out of financing, job promotions, airline tickets, a car license and or, passport. In a nation that uses technology to pay for products and services like with a smartphone, poorly rated people will be locked out. You will be a prisoner walking the streets. You will be destined to low level jobs and you will be looked down upon by the nation as evil to the country and state. You are not worthy.
Consider for a moment, the present state of Singapore? The city has cameras everywhere. If you are seen chewing gum, you will be fined. If spotted throwing your gum on the street for example, it is automatic JAIL TIME! Jay walking is also considered a serious crime as well as pot smoking. As you can see, the concept already has a foot hold in Asia. History has examples. In England around 1600, they had on the law books, hundreds of crimes that ended in jail or death by hanging. If caught stealing bread, you would have "Dickens" to pay. No wonder many came to America and the state of Georgia was a choice between the rope and life.
Back to China: the nation could easily end currency in daily transactions like fools are considering in the US. If a poorly rated citizen is locked out of a smartphone, that person would suffer immensely. If enough of them get together, they will rise up against the state. Then, maybe, a new dog will be running the pound? I can only hope that the idiots running our government do not copy the idiots in China.