Monday, December 10, 2012

Two Christmas Ideas...L&C

Christmas is only fifteen days away and my suggestion for you won't help you this year. With that said, don't leave yet because this is easy money. Thank you, Rodney D. and Joe P. for the laughs in the original, Easy Money.
Have you heard that Canada will no longer make pennies? It is no secret that there is no copper in our pennies and the Fed is about to end the nickle for the same reasons that Canada is killing the penny. It cost too much. That's right! If you missed collecting silver coins before they proved Gresham's Law that bad money will drive out good money, well, I'm sorry. For example, a silver dime today is worth around $3 bucks. A roll could buy you some nice presents, if you had the foresight. It was and is, easy money.
Mining and Agriculture
This leads me into my first suggestion for you. Start collecting nickles because they will generate between five and six times their value with inflation. You see, the Fed lies about inflation and every once in awhile, they kept caught in their lies. If there is only a .02 inflation level, how come copper pennies and buffalo nickles cost so much? Mine the system!
Think of this as your own Christmas Club saving program. I don't know whether banks offer that savings plan anymore, but the return on your savings will be greater than any bank rate on even a T-Bill. Yeah, I know that you need to store it too, but again, $5,000 in nickles will be guaranteed to become over $25 grand. Your closet floor will be put to good use rather than old smelly sneakers.
The other idea is to plant something in your yard or house. Food inflation is off the chart. Eggs are up 68%. Bread is up 45%. Milk, forget about it! Our country has been blest with the best climate to grow things. If you live in the North, you can plant an apple tree. If you live in the middle areas, you can grow berries, peaches, pears and more. Southern California and Florida got it made with citrus. This is healthy. Natural food make great gifts and the initial cost of seeds is next to nothing. All you add is water and love.
The choice is yours, but the old saying applies here,"twice is nice!" Do both!
Liars and Crooks: All the talk about the fiscal cliff is another lie. It is already a law and it takes effect on 1 January 2013. Government is trying to create a crisis, to which they can attempt to steal more power from us. This is the sad truth of America today. Let us respond with, "End the Fed!"