Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Swiss Vote: Sanity or Insanity

On Sunday the Swiss go to the polls to vote on a referendum with world implications. This small nation has a courageous history not to mention a great cheese. It will get to demonstrate democracy in action. There is a graffiti sign in Argentina which reads, Ni Democracia Ni Dictadura(neither democracy nor dictatorship). The people know their leaders do not do the will of the people, although the nation declares itself as democratic. Someday, the US citizens will realize the same truth, but back to Switzerland.
You have to salute the Swiss for declaring that their nation is neutral in world politics. It allowed them to escape the carnage of WWII. They show what John Lennon sang, Give Peace A Chance.
Deja Vu
The Swiss changed the course of world banking after the Napoleon Era. At the time the House of Rothschild was the main financing source. The Rothschild's picked the wining horse with England, but the French in retaliation moved their money to Switzerland. This led to the rise of the Swiss in international financing. Investors and borrowers knew the Swiss Franc was stable and secure because it was backed by gold. In this era our Founding Fathers turned to gold for the same attributes. They knew this was the best way to establish an economy. Economist at the time knew that stable prices allowed business to plan for growth. No one wanted inflation or volatility in their currency. The Swiss held to this foundation until they were poisoned by modern economists. Their currency is no longer backed by gold, just hope and worthless paper.
There is no price stability. Central bankers print to devalue their currency in order to export, regardless of the consequences to its citizens. It doesn't matter whether we are referring to Yellen in the US, Draghi in the ECU or Taro Aso in Japan or whoever runs the Chinese printing press. They have all printed, devalued and increased inflation in all of their nations or member nations. They have the gall to say that they want inflation, which causes price instability.
The Swiss people are no fools and are fortunate that they have an opportunity to actually express their views to perform democracy the way it was intended. The fiat money centers have mobilized their efforts with media distortions about this gold referendum. You see, the modern economists fear that if this referendum passes and people of the world see how high the standard of living is in Switzerland, maybe their gravy train will come to the end of the line. The Swiss have a chance to save us all from the effects of fiat money which causes wage gaps, inequality, inflation, instability and volatility not to mention that they would be a shining example of how democracy should be carried out.
Please, vote for gold and End the Fed!