Wednesday, October 28, 2015

So Many Candidates, So Little Hope: The Democrats

Yes, we are down to little hope because faith cost more than hope and personally, I have no faith in our so-called leaders. This is the digression that we find in America and that is depressing. For the next two weeks I will look at the presidential hopefuls who leave me with so little hope.
With the concept of fair play I will take a look at the US 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates and next week, the Republican field. We have a cultural concept in America that anyone can become president. This belief is fading with the last Supreme Court ruling on campaign money. By next week I expect the number of Republicans to decrease because of a lack of money, although they call it funding. Chafee bowed out the other day and it was last reported that he had only $284,000 in his kitty. Democratic slogans are nice, but money is determining the outcome. Sadly, political office is up to the highest bidder and thus, no one represents the people anymore. If this keeps up, we will experience a Bastille Day.
Last Count
the democratic field is down to four. If the press had their way, the democrats would choose Hilary and the republicans would back Jeb. That is the "free press" idea of democracy: two status quo candidates and career politicians who have no vision for America and will do nothing for the people.
Of course, there is always talk of new entries like Ben Affleck, Kamala Harris, Mark Warner, Ben Casey and others from week-to-week. Joe Biden dropped his name from this group.
So, Sebastian took a look and this is what he found.
Martin O'Malley
was the Governor of Maryland. Declares he wants to rebuild the American Dream. I say, "Great!" Then, I ask, "How?" NOOOOOO Answer. There is another problem here. His mother is a lifer in politics as a career staffer. The only good thing that I can say about him is that he is financially responsible and we definitely need that component, but he doesn't offer any other components.
Lawrence Lessig
has a Harvard pedigree. His resume reads like a Chamber of Commerce profile. His best idea is to rethink our laws that choke creativity, but offers nothing for the country as a whole. At best, this guy could fill a cabinet position, but president? Please!!!!
Bernie Sanders
closet candidate to the people and that alone makes him standout. He foolishly declared himself a "socialist." He should've just stated that some socialist ideas are good like social security. He would like to provide medical for everyone and free education all the way through college. No one I know would not like or need those benefits except Bernie offers no way to pay for them which is very, very bad. It makes him a tax and spend Democrat. I do like that he is against the TPP trade pack, but I would like to see a resolve to tax imports to create jobs at home and to tax outsourcing. Those are two taxes that I would endorse. No candidate in either party has taken that position.
Hilary Clinton
is the presses favorite. They always cast her in a favorable light like last week with the Benghazi Hearings. The reality is that she is a career politician that has never come up with a good idea for the nation although she was a senator amongst her many positions. Getting back to the Benghazi Hearings, she revealed why she is such a phony and never should be elected president. In a response to the criticism that she neglected to provide security for the embassy, this is her response. "I have a professional staff that are experts and I let them make the decision about the security request."
Now, my idea of a leader is one who has a professional staff that offer the pro and con to a decision, however, that decision is made by the leader and not the staff. She is the worst. Get out of town!!!!