Monday, September 10, 2012

Money for Nothing!?...L&C

...was a great line in a song back in the hippie days and with my present clouded mind, I can't give you the title and artist. Sorry. However, the theme is still strong especially during this presidential election cycle. After losing the contribution battle in July, President Obama raised over $110 million in August to beat Romney who collected another $100 million. Who has this kind of money? Why do they give it to hopefuls unless there is some sought of payback down the road? We know this because when a president gives a speech, the markets rarely are effected, however just an nuance from the Fed chief, Bernanke and the markets can explode or implode. This is a money for hire democracy. Don't like that evaluation? Check out this list and then ask, is money for nothing?
Top Ten List
The following 10 companies are leading the way with money for influence. This is from the Center for Responsive Politics. Remember the two biggest things that the aristocrats supported during their past hey-days was defense and banking.
Number one is a defense company. No surprise to me. Lockheed Martin donated $1.9m with a 60/40 split for the Republicans over the Democrats. They gave another $4m to lobbyists.
Number two is Bank of America. As Mel Allen would say, "How about that?" The two favorites of aristocrats are one, two in these findings. BAC gave $2.2m with a 70/30 split R over D. They gave $870,000 to lobbyists.
Next, another defense contractor, Honeywell. 65%R/35%D. $2.2m for lobbyists.
Huntsman Company. $2.3m, 100%R 
Microsoft. $2.9m with 65%D/35%R and another $1.8m for lobbyists.
Dreamworks. $2.4m with 99%D.
AT&T. $2.5m with a 65R/35D split. They also gave another $7m to lobbyists.
Comcast. $2.8m with a 65%D/35%R.
Goldman Sachs. $4.8m with a 70%R/30%D. They chipped in another $1.4m for lobbyists.
Lastly, Las Vegas Sands with 100%R. This makes sense when various agencies in the bureaucracy of government go on extravagant conferences, spending out of control with the only grief being the occasional nightly report on spending abuses. It is no wonder the Sands donated $11.7m and only $30,000 for lobbying.
LIARS and CROOKS:The Fed manipulating our currency, interest rates and the stock market. Check out this concept. It was reported that the average debt of $17,000 will take 35 years to re-pay with the minimum payment plan. Now, the Fed has reduced our interest rates under the lie of creating jobs by making borrowing cheaper, when in fact, he is reducing the interest payments on our national debt, so no one will notice and they can kick-the-can-down-the-road. How long will it take our government just to re-pay what Obama has added to the debt bill at $5tillion? The entire history of man. End the Fed!