Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baked Apple, Nokia Toast, Dim-Rim Outlook...L&C

With Apple going over $500. per share and pundits looking for $600., $700., even $1000. per share, I decided to give Apple and its competition a closer look.
Who Is Buying?
Samsung has a goal for 2012 to sell over 380 million smart phones after selling 327 million in 2011. Very impressive! They are not alone in trying to capture a market where Apple holds almost 50% of the action. Some other names include LG,Sony, Huawei, View Sonic, ZTE, Nokia, Rimm and Motorola Mobility(Google). All these companies sell by the millions in product. Now, the world population is 6 billion, however half of the world is too poor to purchase a smart phones which cuts the potential market to 3 billion. If you just add the volume of Samsung alone, you reach one billion sold and keep in mind Apple is the market leader. I conclude that this market is saturated and a shakeout will ensue.
If you look at Apple, they also dominate the  tablet or IPad market, to which the same numbers reach the same conclusion, Who is left to buy? It seems no one pays attention to PCs because the market is saturated and this is where Apple started. The market is dead weight and the phones business is next in line.
This reminds me of when I was a kid. I brought albums, however the 8-track came along to change buying habits. This was soon followed with cassettes which were replaced with CDs. You see a pattern here. IPad 1, then IPad 11, then 111 and now FOUR! Suckers are born every minute to quote the selling game. Prediction: Apple will sell for less than $100. per share by 2020.
LIARS and CROOKS: Some people like me try to remind the public that one of the principles that our Founding Fathers agreed upon was the idea for our nation not to get involved in international politics which generally leads to conflict and war which causes financial ruin which definitely does not promote the general welfare.
Military Industrial Complex
...try to convince the public of dangers that sometimes do not exist and they are only looking out for self gain like Lockheed Martin. They do not have a conscious for our lost treasure, financial debt and declining standard of living. They have pushed our national agenda towards one negative situation after another: Nam, Grenada, El Salvador, Irag and Afghanistan. They now express danger with Iran, Syria, Yemen, assorted African nations and elsewhere around the globe.
Lockheed Martin receives $40 billion in annual revenues. It is the largest recipient of US tax dollars. It adds up to about $260 from each household in our nation. They are "too big to fail" and an anchor on our national debt.
This is a company with a checkered past with poor quality and over-runs on projects that never live up to the hype. It maintains power with $15 million in lobbying and campaign contributions.
It also funds right-wing think tanks which adds to the confusion in our public thinking on defense. They sell danger behind everything foreign. Lockheed Martin especially likes these groups to express ideas that if they put them out, people would see through the transparency for self gain. It is that obvious.