Saturday, September 17, 2011

Census Report proves the LIE of Free Trade...Liars and CROOKS

The US Census Department released some cold facts about life in our country. We all knew unemployment caused suffering and I stated the consequences in many past articles. Numbers can be twisted to meet any criteria and statist play games with them to hide the truth like in the CPI. These numbers cannot be massaged.
According to the report there are 46.2 million people living in poverty in America, and yet, Republicans complain about social programs for the poor as the reason for our national debt. It is not those programs to which I realize there is fraud and needs better accountability. It is the military waste that causes us severe debt, however with this knowledge in hand, I agree with those Republicans and Tea Party people that we cannot afford foreign aid any longer. We need it HERE!
The following list of countries come from every continent and we beat them all in NOT caring for our citizens.
A for Australia. It has 21.5 million souls and we have more in poverty than their in tire population.
How about the two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan? Iraq has 29.6 million and Afghanistan has 29.1 people and we spend more on them than on ourselves.
Greece is in the news for debt problems. Their whole country has 10.7 million and we have four times as many people with problems. One in six people go to bed hungry here and that is four times as many as the whole of Hungry with 9.8 million.
We hear there is poverty in South America. We send aid, but Brazil is rising as well as Chile with 16.7 million going to bed warm while ours can't afford heat.(22 percent of our children are in poverty levels.)
We buy a lot of junk from Asia. The lie of free trade steals all our jobs which is the root of poverty. S.Korea gets their share for there 48.6 million, but we have 49.2 million without health insurance and another 46 million on food stamps.
Libya, as well as many other Arab nations are revolting in the Arab Spring. The stock market cannot wait to get its hands on Libya's oil and I'm sure that the 6.4 million will be better off without their dictator and a new way of life. Hope you don't get the democracy that we have: run by the rich who only do things for the rich.
 Finally, closer to home, after all we are their biggest trading partner. Yes, Oh Canada! There 33.7 million all have health insurance and yes, we have more in poverty than their in tire country. Those are some sobering facts and they are getting worse, The 2010 census report showed the poverty rate in America at 15.1 percent, up from 2009 at 14.3 percent. This was the third consecutive year of increases and the total of 46.2 million is the largest record since the reports were published.
LIARS and CROOKS: George Bush in 2001 in his first State of the Union address pledged that our nation would be debt free in ten years under his administration. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office(CBO)in that same year stated that we would have a surplus in relationship to the Bush leadership of $5.6 trillion at that time. So much for the nonpartisan group and the Republicans. This was a $12 trillion dollar fumble. Experts!..and I can't get my book published. Bottom line: cost our nation $6.5 trillion in the RED 
That was the week that was. The stock market rallied up 700 points despite the fact that unemployment claims increased, the census report on poverty, the European crisis was front and center, a roque trader scandal, foreclosures increased in August and awful retail sales report. Shows you who butters their bread. The Fed meets next week. End the Fed! JFL.