Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bradley Model: June 22 Is Financial D-Day...L&C

Bradley Model. Ever hear of it...follow it? It is based on planetary movements. Laughing already? Do I read a scoff across your face? People in the know never mock Arch Crawford or Peter Eliades who follow the concept developed by Donald Bradley. Maybe you don't recall when Eliades sat on  Barron's Round table and he was scoffed, mocked and more when he said correctly, I might add that the Dow would not breach 10,000 for years in 1999. Recently, the model correctly predicted the 15% rise in the stock market with a positive call on November 2012, which the model says will last until the 22cd of June this year.
Donald Bradley felt that natural forces affect human emotions and he categorized planetary position combinations into Long-Term and Middle-Term indicators. When these dates occur, you can generally expect fast and hard price action.
is for a reversal that continues into the next date which is 8thOctober and the down-trend extends until the new year with a dead cat bounce which turns into a sideways movement.
Bull or Bear
I'm in the bear camp and my call two weeks ago has been fortunate to see the first signs of a turn in the market. It is nice to know even if I was early with the call that such a distinguished financial expert has left us a respected model that sees the same results, although gathered from different sources.
Second Opinion
On Friday the sell off triggered the Hindenburg Omen for the second time this year. When was the first, you ask? Tax day, April 15th. How's that for an omen? Need another? This all falls under bullish stats, however this screams to be in the contrary camp. Bullish sentiment is at 90% and Consumer Staples hit 100% for the first time ...ever. Folks, only GOD is 100%. By the way margin loan values set a new record at $384billion. Of course, not everything is up. On the opposite spectrum, gold miners is on the bottom and if the Bradley Model is correct, everything will sink, including gold.
have lost touch with the rest of us and this disconnect is reflected by the power structure that fails to understand this next point on the vertex. This is sad, but true fact: 45% of children in Miami, 50% of children in Cleveland and 60% of children in Detroit live in poverty. When President Obama took office, there were 32million Americans on food stamps. Today, that number is 47million and...growing. The number of Americans on food stamps exceeds the COMBINED POPULATIONS of Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.
We have a problem and it will get worse when the lines of the disconnect intersect with the lines of the connected.
Case in point: Before NAFTA we had a surplus with Mexico, and now, we have a $61.6 billion deficit. Free trade is a lie and all of the above proves my point.
Liars and Crooks: Sallie Mae(SLM) the student loan agency sponsored by the government wants to split into two separate divisions. Of course, they do. With student loans being the second highest consumer debt and with default rates climbing, what better way to survive a bureaucratic disaster than to shift the blame to somebody else.