Saturday, January 11, 2014

Art Pope: Modern Face of Aristocracy...L&C

In the battle between the blue and red states for control of the US government, a new poster child, Art Pope is providing the blueprint for far-right supremacy. This man is at the right-end of the extreme right line. He believes only in his viewpoint which helps to explain the lack of compromise within the framework of our present government.
Right-wing activists are pushing for people who will enact laws that are changing the face of the state. This has happened in Wisconsin, and now, with Art Pope in North Carolina, it moves up a few notches. Most right-wing policies center on tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. Many, but not all, want vouchers for private schools. They all want to cut unemployment benefits, limit Medicaid and roll back electoral reforms, including voting rights.
There are other changes that the far-right would like to see, such as: to try 13-year old as adults, end collective bargaining(happened in Wisconsin),end public funding for political office, especially for judges and cutting in education from pre-K all the way to higher education.
Bottom line: Everything for the status quo and nothing for the working class citizens.
North Carolina
is the victorious example for the Republican Party as demonstrated by the influence of one, Art Pope. He is setting the table for others like the Koch brothers and wealthy citizens to establish rule within our government.
The script offers a frightening glimpse of how power and money might direct American politics for years. In a nutshell: he with the gold, rules.
In 2000 Art Pope realized that the Census provided strong info because it showed income, employment or unemployment, voting registration within districts. He also wanted to purge fellow Republicans who sometimes voted moderately. By studying voting districts he poured money into campaigns where the outcome would be close because of the voting make-up. In 19 voting districts, Pope backed 17 winners. There were other events which helped him to win like a Democrat who committed fraud and the Supreme Court in approving "Citizen United." This verdict allows outside money for a candidate and Pope has a lot of money. This is untraceable dollars, sometimes called,"dark money." It has no limit and it buys TV, radio, websites and publications. This allows Pope to get his message out over and over again. Repetition for effect. In my unpublished work I remind the readers of the influence of TV because it is so ingrained within our culture. Pope knows this and he showed how media influence could determine political outcomes. Since our culture is in sound bytes, all he had to say is so-and-so(Democrat)is costing us higher taxes. That Democrat is spending wastefully. Their candidate is costing us JOBS. No depth. No facts. Just repeat the message over and over again. His results should scare all of us.
Here is what Pope and Republicans mean when they say tax cuts. Someone making $250K in N.C. pays the same tax as someone making $25K. This state example is a deeper version of the Bush Tax Cuts which gives tax cuts of 75% to those in the top 5% of income.
Corporations pay lower tax bills than they did in 1978. No wonder they love Art Pope.
He also is opposed to public financing of judges. Without the funding lawyers would contribute to the same judge who would be making a decision in that lawyers future court case. Definitely a conflict of interest and Pope wants a sure thing, irregardless what is does to our society as a whole.
At the moment the government of North Carolina is veto-proof. Its state legislature can over-ride a governor veto. Glad I don't live in Tar Heel country.
Now, imagine the US being governed in the future with the above guidelines? One class of people for the same class of people of the same class of people. Welcome the Aristocracy.
Liars and Crooks: goes to Boeing for putting a gun to its employees by stating, "if you don't vote to stop pension funding by the company, the company will move its future work to a non-union state." But, it's your choice. It's your vote. ....Boeing won! Pensions will be off their books in 2016 and moved to self supporting 401Ks.