Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reflections on Trump - Platform - Election

First off, let me reveal that I dislike the Republican Party. On local and state levels they keep spending in check and they are for low taxes. In that respect, they are superior to the Democratic Party. However, when considering national issues, they never do anything for citizens. For example, they say they are for less regulation. This translates to allow big business to plunder and pollute our environment. The sightless Libertarians suffer from the same delusion. This happens all the time. Recently, a so-called watchdog of utilities rubber stamped a fee for AT&T. Of course, when you appoint the committee, you get the results that you want just like the Supreme Court. They passed onto customers a .61 cent charge to cover administration. Customers are paying their costs! BS! Do I remind you that Republicans were against Social Security and they pushed for the Federal Reserve? I rest my case.
As for the Democratic Party, I will attack their wagon train when it passes Philly next week. For disclosure, I believed at one time the party stood for issues that protected workers and citizens. That is no longer the case. They have lost touch with ordinary citizens. President Obama thinks someone making $250,000 a year is middle class. My friend, after four years of work that person is a millionaire. They are arrogant and they put their ego before public welfare. Their door is open to every fund campaign supporting lobbyist here and aboard! To hell with them!
I'd like to see the formation of a new political party that represents the people. At present, we have many national issues, but these four should come first.
One, end all trade deals, tax outsourcing and put tariffs on imports just like every other nation in the world. Free trade is a lie! This will lower our national deficit, create jobs and stop the decline in our standard of living. Our country needs to return to self-sufficiency. Screw globalization because in reality it is an anti-worker concept which explains why we have a wealth gap problem. Secondly, we are not the world's police force. Screw the thinking of "America's place in the world." It has placed us under a terrible burden of debt with continuous wars with no end in sight. We are 300 million strong and that is like Sparta one million times stronger. We demand a return to peace, cut the military budget to basic defense and use that money for our needs. Thirdly, end the Fed! This corrupt institution is nothing more than socialism for the banking industry. It is the thief which causes inflation and lowers our standard of living. Finally, we need an amendment to balance the budget. No more off the books and secret programs. It is either a plus or minus in the ledger - period!...Now, that I got that off my chest, this is how I see the election and my take on Trump's platform.  
The Horses Are At The Gate...
and the media is making its bet - Clinton! They have been wrong before. Dewey versus Truman comes to mind. The conflict in this race is for us to choose between the lesser of two evils. Logically, for me, Trump has made issues of points that I can relate too. Granted, in his victory speech, he claimed to have an answer for all our ills, but he did not provide the how. Since all campaigns make promises, this is a given, however let me take a closer look.
His top point is "law and order." Any candidate who screams that expression scares the hell out of me. I see the opposite like endless protests in the Nixon era. He ran on the same issue. Do I even mention Hitler?
His second issue is to re-negotiate trade deals and "walk away" if they are not good for America. I love that, but the "old" republican roots would never say or fight for this. Maybe that is why they stayed away from the convention? This is why I see Trump as the lesser of the two evils. If he can do this, our nation will have another chance and the "American" dream will be the meme again. His daughter and sons provided credence that Trump does what he says and he sees it to completion. They gave examples of his protection to workers and women issues. There is a consequence to this point. Trump has used debt to fund expansion and he will increase our national debt, but sometimes you have to spend to grow.
He vowed to end ISIS. This is worthy. Nevertheless, war is dangerous and his willingness to spend on the military budget is troubling. Violence only begets more violence. Did we ever have terrorist attacks before these Middle East wars? No!...I don't like this aspect at all.
His stance on the border is in reality too late. Yes, we need to secure our borders, but Mexicans are no longer flooding into the US. Why, you ask? Because Mexico is enjoying an economic boom. All nations are outsourcing there and quality jobs are available. I have an answer for outsourcing in my unpublished work, but if Trump ends Nafta and Cafta that will be a good start.
Finally, in the ebb and flow of his speech, the crowd responded with many replies. I noticed one in particular. If Trump were smart, he grab it as his campaign slogan. Slogans are crucial in elections. Do you know or remember, "I like Ike!" How about, "JFK, all the way!"
Once the crowd responded, "Yes, he will!" Donald, use it with everything.
Will he win? " Trump: Yes, he will!"
Will he protect workers? "Trump: Yes, he will!"
Will he make America great? "Trump: Yes, he will!"
Bottom line: the horses are at the gate and it is up to us to determine our bets. And they're off...