Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last week a number of things took place. We had a once only calendar date of 11-11-11 or we thought because that date happened in the middle ages and before that in 11 A.D. Nevertheless, the number eleven is associated with insightfulness. If you were around a gambling institution like Vegas, I'm sure six aces on the slot machine indicated a jackpot and you don't need any intellectual to explain what insights await you. The next day was "Pneumonia Day" which was marked by having the vaccine given to poor countries of the world to prevent the virus that also visits the world usually during late fall. 
In government it is time for the annual budget and their own version of a fungus. Our government budget is projected to run in the red to the tune of $1.3 trillion. The government also has a second set of books which contain unfunded liabilities of the first book. This total reaches $53 trillion or around $175,000 per person. Do you have yours,'cause I sure as hell don't have mine. What happened?
Third World Doctors
There is a disease called bonds. You print a piece of paper that says you owe $1.3 trillion and you close the book until next year. They use to call that a banana republic. When these economic doctors are asked how our economy looks and when will things get better? They offer this diagnosis. We will grow out of it. Unemployment will gradually get better. The housing market will stabilze. Our prescriptions which includes a jobs plan, expanding of our exports with low fiancing will allow our economy to recover. LIES! They have not addressed the cause of the virus. They only have tried the ancient practices that should be banned like in the middle ages when doctors used leeches or believed in spontaneous generation. How about this doctor of economics, Larry Summers who says,"debt got us into this mess and debt will get us out of it." How about uncle Ben who gave this medical answer of deceit, "it will take around five years for unemployment to return to the lower previous levels." What he was really saying is the boomers will be retiring during the next five years and hopefully those jobs will open up for the unemployed.
People lose their homes if they don't pay their mortgage. In the middle ages they put you in debtor prison. Economic responsibility means you only buy what you can afford. If you use the credit card, there will be interest expense added to the bill. Use appropiately is the...
Economic Vaccine.
Our government is corrupt. They not only have spent money recklessly, but have maintained an ideology since the Marshall Plan that is flawed. This is the cause of all the disease of deficit spending.
They have not protected the American worker which is a violation of the constitution to promote the general welfare. Do you want to know why stimulus failed? It is because over the years the recipients of these government contracts to provide work has changed. In the good-old-boy days the only worry about a government contract was how much off the top the man would take. We could benefit from American made equipment, but no longer. Today, foreign companies with foreign made equipment are getting those deals leaving crumbs for our workers. This is how bad out-sourcing has become added to the lie of free trade. And then of course, they put all this negative into bonds which has a very present day affect: the destruction of the dollar which is also in violation of the constitution.
If you look at our government report card since the Marshall Plan, debt stands out. There have been three generations. We had years of growth. We had innovation, but we have NEVER put a dent into the debt ledger column. Today, we hope that GDP grows at a meager 2%. Do you want to know the rate that debt expands? It is at 8%. We are losing every second of our lives. The only way that it can be reduced is to have a surplus and then, pay it down. There has been only one month in the year within which the government has a surplus and that is April. That was then, today even April runs a deficit.
CBO Report
I looked at a ten year span to cover both political parties. The first yearly budget that I checked was in 1996 under Rubin. He stated that our government was in the red to the public for $5.3 trillion. He did not mention the debt held by foreigners. He did not mention unfunded liabilities. Then, I ckecked the budget in 2006 which estimated the debt to be at $9 trillion. They did mention that if you added the unfunded liabilities the total reaches $53 trillion and that is five years ago and I might add that President Bush stated in 2001 that the debt would be cut in half, however it doubled. Debt has expanded 73% and it is compounded. Every facet of our government is corrupt. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac needed $169 billion bailout in 2008. Don't worry that will be enough. We will get better. Yeah, last week they asked for $7 billion more, pushing the on going total past $200 billion and get this the CEO gets paid $33 million. For what? To lose billions. Get out of town! Bottom line: End the Fed! Do not vote for any candidate that is a Democrat or Republican. Occupy Wall Street needs to declare a new political party of the people, by the people and for the people.
LIARS and CROOKS: Dr.Michael Salemi of North Carolina University who said,"Ron Paul is illiterate because he believes in the gold standard." Yeah, I should believe in fiat money that is worthless money and that gets devalued every day making life in the misery index off the charts. I'm illiterate too. This is an economic professor/doctor and I can't get my book published.