Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Message To Trump

Hey, Donald, you are headed the same way as Obama. When he first took office, his party was the majority in Congress and he failed to get any of his campaign promises into law. He wasted his time by attempting to receive bi-partisan support. Now, let's look at you.
Do you know what your fellow American citizens read and hear everyday from your administration? Gossip! Nonsense!
We hear about the conflicted aspects of your financial investments and how they can cause the look of impropriety. We hear how you hire only the rich who cannot relate to the rest of us. You say that they are the best. We see them as people who use lobbyists and other means of influence for self interest. We hear how you mix your immediate family like your daughter or extended like your son-in-law and friends with confidential data. Then, you complain about leaks, spies, hacks and tapped phones.
Bring in the clowns! There is the circus: Bannon in, Bannon out. Nunes in, Nunes out. Will so-an-so pass Congressional approval? You need two more Fed appointees. Will you choose an easy money type for your stimulus package or a deficit hawk to stop the debt that could send us all into an economic collapse. In addition, the word surfaces about conflict within your cabinet. So, what do you do? You seize a geopolitical opportunity to which the military whispered into your ear...
Yeah, a good war against another hated dictator will unite everyone behind you and end all these little distractions. They are misleading you like they misled Bush and Obama. This is the status quo along with the "Deep State" taking you off what got you elected.
You were elected by men and women who are sick and tired of us policing the world while ours falls apart. Many of these people probably did not vote in recent elections because Washington is out of touch with what matters, the economy and the pursuit of happiness. These votes were enough to get you over the hump. Not the Russians! Not with the help of your fellow Republicans! Just US citizens who can relate to what you said, "We have been losing our lunch to China, to NAFTA, and every trade deal." That you would end it one way or another, either by renegotiating or end the deal. That is your primary promise and that is why you won. So, stop letting every little comment become a distraction that consumes your time. Instead, concentrate on reading the fine print in those thousand page agreements and find an area to redo and do that. If you can't work within the framework of these deals, end them. Get back to focusing on your victory pledge and stop being led into inactivity by defending your ego. Your honeymoon is almost over. These distractions are being engineered by your enemies, the status quo. Wake up! It's the economy.