Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Dangerous"Cry Wolf"...L&C

Last week a small, footnote of news hit the wire. Kim Jong-un, the son of the recently passing, Kim Jong-il of North Korea, declared that the armistice between his nation and South Korea was terminated as of this Monday, the 11th of March. The north has been very aggressive in attitude toward the south in recent years. They have instituted acts of aggression after every election in the south with excessive force in 2010. In that year the north sunk a vessel of the south(Cheonan) killing 46 sailors. In addition, an artillery shelling of the south's island of Yeonpyeong cost two more lives. The south is on alert, but the international community treats this rhetoric as crying wolf.
The problem as I see it is this: a severe future acting out by N.Korea to gather attention. I see this small person like the terrible lost souls that inflicted so much pain in the world acting out. I'm talking about the recent incidents in Connecticut and Sweden.
Do you realize that modern, basic artillery weapons from the north could strike downtown Seoul? What little response the media gave to this fearful dialogue was that N.Korea didn't have the technology to put a nuclear warhead on a missile. Of course, the source of that info was our military. You know, the same guys who said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Intelligence?! There's another agency that needs a revamp.
Bottom line, I hope nothing happens, but consider this: on the 27th of July of this year, it will be the 60th anniversary of a war that has never been officially ended. In addition the Ides of March appear next week.
Liars and Crooks:this week goes to our leaders in government. The media was filled with fearful alerts that would result from the "Sequester." Dear reader, the lies are so bad, I have no idea what the truth is. According to Ron Paul the cuts to the government with the sequester were no cuts in spending at all. All it was according to Paul was not increasing spending in the budget. In any event the economy didn't stop, the world still revolves around the sun and life goes on. Having said that I'd like to march against our leaders with a protest march to all their lies to us their citizens and I would begin with the Consumer Price Index(CPI). The government has the nerve to not include food and energy in this report on inflation. Folks, I don't need to remind you that gasoline has increased .52cents in the 59 days of the first two months. Eggs have gone up in price 70%. You and I know this B.S. has got to stop. I demand that the future CPI only has two components, food and energy and if it did it would show inflation running over 10%. ..and as always end the Fed!