Saturday, May 14, 2011

Got Bills, Need Cash? Sell Assets, Sell House...LIARS and CROOKS

Unlike the government we are mostly still in a recession and the garage sale mentality is spreading to include municipalities and states. Would you sell your house, knowing that you have no place to go? The selling of public assets to private firms is a disease of stupidity. For stop gap cash flow to relieve serious thinking and creative output, small minded officials are misusing their public positions and offering fire sales for landmark buildings, turning over toll roads and even power plants to firms like sleazy, shameful and deceitful.
Look Good Tonight, but in the Morning Light...
Officials are selling their office buildings for immediate cash to cover shortfalls, but for the next twenty years, they will have to rent back or seek leases for the same space and that will only add to their debt along with the loss of an asset.
Make a Donation, Get an Asset
In Wisconsin, they are considering selling their power plants to private companies like Koch, which happens to be a big campaign donator and employs many lobbyists.
In Chicago in 2008, Mayor Daley sold the parking meters to Morgan Stanley, et al. who immediately raised the fees 42%, cut the size of parking spaces and lowered the time allowed on the meter.
And the REPUBLICANS don't want regulation. NOW, YOU SEE WHY!
Fix the pothole? No problem as long as you allow the placing of billboards - Everywhere! You won't see a street name, but you will know where the next fast food joint is located.
LIARS and CROOKS: Can't believe this is true. Sorry, I didn't catch the officials name. He is with the European Common Market(ECM)in the fiance division for the Euro. He said,"Yes, we have to lie when the issue is so serious that we feel that the public just would not understand." And speaking of which the ECM officials said there is no truth that Greece is leaving the Euro, Portugal needs a bailout or Spain for that matter. Ireland is doing a fine job with its austerity program. Believe what you will, but I said it before and I'm saying it again, "END the FED!"