Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Massaging of Stats...Odds and Ends

The most recent unemployment report stated that payrolls increased and there were less claims for the jobless. Sounds nice, doesn't it? The report said that unemployment dipped to 9%, down from December's 9.1%. Good trend, wouldn't you say? The ADP report on jobs adds another 36,000 jobs. Yeah! This is after the 140,000 jobs added in December. Double Yeah! Question? Where's yours..mine?
The stock market responded with new highs and President Obama is getting an uptick with the public, however this is all media lies and massaging of stat facts.
When you ask yourself this and see the prices for gasoline and food, you know the truth. They are all lying. If you add the population growth, legal and illegal, along with the number of new high school and college grads entering the workforce to the 14.5 million unemployed, it takes more than 145,000 new jobs every month to lower the unemployment rate. And keep in mind, the forecasters said that there was going to be 240,000 jobs in December and another 140,000 jobs in January and both missed - BIG TIME!
Elsewhere: "Helicopter"Ben Bernanke denied the accusations from China and around the world that his excess printing of dollars is exporting inflation to everyone. Yeah, everyone is wrong except me(Ben) and yet, gas is up over $3. dollars per gallon and food doesn't fly off the shelf because it is too expensive. Nevertheless, many countries are beginning to amass supplies of food like rice, wheat and corn to counter the rise in these commodities. These actions will add to global inflation.
Secretary of State, Clinton appeared on TV to say that the perpetrators of violence in Egypt should be brought to justice while at the same time she is behind the policy that allows our drones to fly over Iraq and Afghanistan killing many innocent civilians. PHONY!