Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lip service for your vote or new hope...

Recently our Secretary of Treasury and our President have been pointing the finger at China for currency manipulation as to why our economic recovery is not generating the desired results. Maybe they have been tapping into my blog, maybe they knew all along, maybe a think tank passed along to them the thinking of real citizens because anyone making $250,000 per year is not middle class, but wealthy. In four years that salary achieves millionaire status and in ten, multi-millionaire levels. Maybe they are trying to influence independents to get their vote in November. Maybe this, maybe that, whatever it is it comes down to this: actions speak louder than words. When I see tariffs on China and other currency manipulators, that will be the day when our deficits shrinks, jobs will be on the horizon and the dormant state of social mobility will awaken.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Lie of the the same for all Central Bankers

   All these G-7, G-8, G-20 etc. meetings show the effects of central bankers in the international market. Their corruption forms a limited conspiracy. This is the latest from European Central Bankers. A member of the Euro community. Ireland is also in financial dire condition. One of their largest banks, the Anglo-Irish Bank is basically insolvent. The central bankers of Europe have loaned the bank $29 billion Euros to stay solvent. Ireland, itself is already under austerity mode from the larest financial crisis. Now, this is the fraud and they openly spin it like it is a legit business practice. The IMF, the international banking group and the ECM have stated that it is okay to consider this bank with two divisions. The one side that is backed by the government is insolvent and the public side is solvent. This prevents runs on the bank, but check this out. All involved agencies will allow Ireland not to count this loan to this insolvent bank against their new austerity program. They make the rules as they go which it in itself is phony and the corruption is beyond repair.