Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Coming Attack On $Gold

Don't ask me how I know because it is like the Boston hit, More Than A Feeling. In addition, I have looked at the price action along with the lies of the various fiat banks who all of a sudden are behind the gold surge. They have publically cited $1400 in raising their gold call for 2016. These banks, led by JPMorgan Chase are fiat wolves disguised under the banner of a golden fleece.
First Signs
was the sharp rise in gold after gold fell $100 dollars in early June of this year. The shorts had to cover, but I believe that they changed their tactic at that time. They became buyers of gold. Now, they have a dual approach to drive down the action in gold before it becomes mainstream. They are working with the natural market forces. Let us take a closer look.
drove the pound lower and the euro will follow as soon as stimulus becomes apparent. This has led a flight to safety. The dollar is again on the rise. It will probably test the $100. level. A strong dollar hurts commodity prices. While this is happening in the West, the yen is slowly losing steam because of all the excess stimulus. This only makes the dollar even stronger. This fundamental is aiding the attackers.
Negative Rates
is a fundamental reason in helping gold rise. The old argument that gold pays no interest is lost in the shuffle due to the fact that corrupt central bank manipulation of interest rates to negative, only makes gold the best game in town.
So, the fiat people will use the strong dollar along with their purchased contracts to sell gold. They want to derail the gold surge before everyone realizes that if they bought into gold, they would have made a lot of money due to the devaluation of their currency. In addition...
X - Factor
The Fed released their statement on Wednesday. As expected there was no change, however Yellen did yell that the Fed still is going to raise rates. She will try to control the market, but action speaks louder than words. The "no action" boosted the metals. The attacking fiat institutions will be looking at the price action as well as the volume after the announcement. This could delay their plan, but like I stated, something is in the works.
There is "Good" and "Bad" with Gold ETFs and it could turn "Ugly"...
Dear reader, when gold rises, gold ETFs have to buy to balance their book. Conversely, when gold declines, those same ETFs must sell which magnifies any price action. The fiat people know this and they will use it to their advantage.
Now, getting deeper into the "first signs" dear reader, you might understand what I'm seeing.
First Feelers
hit the market two Friday's ago. All of a sudden, gold dropped $20 dollars in mid-day trading. The attackers were testing the strength of gold after it failed to breach $1400. They sought out any buyers of gold if it fell to a certain price. The buyers appeared and gold quickly recovered. No one paid this price action any attention other than myself. Since that time gold has slowly drifted lower and I feel that the end of July will be the D-Day. Friday is the best day for the attack because the world markets close before the US market. The fiat people will sell their gold, use the strength of the dollar along with their shills to decry gold and then, flood the market with a ton of shorts. Weak money will help the decline. Gold could fall to $1260. They will have the entire weekend to tie the political landscape to spin their case against gold. The following Monday, they will add to their short position to kill gold in 2016.
As it turned out, I was wrong about the timing. One has to remember that at the end of the month and the first days of the new calendar, mutual funds buy. The attackers did not want to fight the accommodating Fed. They could launch on this Friday, but it will happen before the middle of August. Let me tell folks. It will not work!
If this scenario pans out, we back up our truck and load it up. We will turn the tables on these corrupt fiat people. We overwhelm them and force them to cover not to mention the tidy profit that we will be riding upon. This will drive the price action to break the $1400 dollar barrier. This in turn will attract new buyers. A new surge will result and I see gold testing $1500 before 2016 ends. As "old" Shakespeare would say, "The die has been cast."