Sunday, April 15, 2012

F**king CIA and L&C

Secret agents? Ha! They couldn't hold James Bond drink, but then again, the new Bond drinks beer with the label up, so advertising fees get collected. Yep, too much money, little work and inflated egos cost 11 agents to be recalled from Columbia as per an investigation into wild parties with local prostitutes, which implies underworld figures which indicates the drug cartel, especially in that South American nation.
Serving America
and all that other PR crap about government service for the nation's benefit. It's all about money and power. The history of the CIA is littered with doubts, regrets and lies.
The agency began with a mandate to counter the communist aggression in the world immediately after WW ll. It was to collect info only and any dangers to the US internally was to be handed over to the FBI. As time moved along the budget got bigger and the role expanded. They had an assassination wing and a human development section.
Chuck Barris and LSD
I never believed the Gong Show host was a hit man for the CIA, however those type of allegations only add to the myth. Sadly, and yet bravely, many former employees have come out to denounce the motives and actions of the agency like Dr. Sidney Gottlieb among others who worked under a program called,"MKULTRA." This is where a human is programmed to perform a certain function like assassination. They used LSD long before Dr. Tim Leary. It is the Manchurian Candidate. These are only surface problems. The Kennedy tragedy provides more info and details every year about this agency which is out of control. In the best case scenario the CIA knew about the terrorist plot, but did nothing to stop it because President Kennedy by this time was against their judgement and ability. He went against their council. He was going to open up negotiations with Castro Cuba and the USSR. Kennedy realized the annihilation of the world
through the Cuban Crisis and the foolish, thoughtless reasoning of the CIA. He was smarter than they wanted in a president. He brokered the Salt Treaty with Russia which limits nuclear weapons. This began a new hope for the world and real peace. In this vision there is no place for the CIA and the military complex.
Two Poisons
In the best light in relation to the Kennedy assassination, the CIA knew about the motives of the anti-Castro group who felt betrayed by the new direction of the administration along with right-wing groups and others. It did nothing to stop them.
This leads to the worst case picture where the CIA actively sought the death of President Kennedy. This agency needs to be terminated and a new one formed that follows the original mandate.
P/S: Forgot to mention the CIA had a "mole" who gave away all our secrets. Once to Russia and again today with China. Secret? Ha! Ding-dong Agency is more like it.
LIARS and CROOKS: Back to Ben and the Fed. The media constantly reminds us that the Fed has a dual mandate, Currency and full employment. As for the first, they do their job poorly. As for the latter, it is pure BS!
During the Depression the Fed actually tightened interest rates and made things worst like more unemployment. In more recent times like 1973 when oil doubled in price and unemployment increased, again they raised interest rates, in fact throughout the 70s, they kept hiking rates all the way to 15%. They could care less about the hardships of the unemployed. They were fighting for fiat currency and against the rise in gold, just like today. End the Fed!