Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of Union: Geeks Rule and LIARS and CROOKS=Bottom Line

I have been reading an interesting book by Stephen Baker called, "NUMERATI." He coined the word to reflect the substance. It is how our future is developing. Have you ever heard of Umbria, Tacoda or Technorati? Google will pay money though its AdSense, however people have been gaming them. I do not use advertising in my blog, but maybe someday I will, who knows. Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!? Anyway, these companies hire computer geeks and mathematicians to understand what we like, want or can be persuaded to buy by studying us. They want to know what kind of buzz the latest gizmos are generating. They want to know why we clicked on a certain web site. They want to know what makes us tick, so they generate riches by selling that info to companies that sell us products. The list of possibilities is endless: medical, insurance,etc.
One hundred years ago they would go door-to-door, stand on busy streets, observed us while we shopped until they collected enough material to sell an advertising program. Today, it is done in labs in one end of a building working with computer teams in the other end. This brings us to last night when President Obama gave his state of the union speech.
Did you hear or notice the references to creating more jobs and retraining through schools for jobs, fairness with taxes, especially as it relates to our national debt, lowering education debt of students or the plight of home owners trying to refinance their homes? These buzz words and concepts resound with the Occupy Wall Street people, the Tea Party People and independent voters who are people like me. By making a definite statement of choice, this blog and myself are now being placed into a bucket or tribe depending on what terms the geeks classifying me use. It will be used in the future along with whatever else the math wizards deed important. This is our future. We are not just under street cameras on corners, but they watch us through our phones, computers, credit cards, teets, texts, etc.
The next election will be won by the geek company that can win the vital votes in the swing states. Sorry, guys, but if you are a given red or blue state, they take you for granted. This explains why there is never any real change in Washington. The battle is over the independents. What can I say that will get these people to believe that I understand them and I am willing to do what they suggest to right our ship of state. Winning this tribe of voters will determine the next election and all the rhetoric between now and then is nothing more than hot air. Maybe they can harness it as an alternative energy? Oh, by the way we do have hope because garbage in, garbage out will save us.
LIARS & CROOKS: This is the time for earnings season on Wall Street. The market is rallying because companies are making money, however cutting jobs, hours and product size to generate profits is not really creating true wealth. The insiders know this and they also know that the two driving forces of the status quo are the military and banking. The military has to cut back due to the declining revenues and growing debt of our government which leaves the finace industry. They have been utilizing the media and all their outlets to push up stocks centered around the financial industry such as banks, investment companies, insurance companies and the home builders. I would like for you to understand how corrupt these people are. They get rules and regulations passed to allow them to classify liabilities as assets, yet they scream there are too many rules and regulations. Bank of America which I love is the best example and keep in mind that every bank does the same technique. The company reported a $2 billion profit for the quarter. Good turn around, right? NO! Because under the column in which they place almost one trillion in mortgage securities, many are underwater and will lead to losses in the future. Remember they don't have to use market-to-market evaluations(rule change)and to cover this large amount they place less than one percent to cover any losses. This is how they were able to show a profit. Where are the regulators?
Bottom Line: President Obama calls someone making $250,000 middle class. Romney says he did not make much money with speaking engagements last year(over $300,000). Together they show that they do not know or understand what it means to be an American today because to me if you make that kind of bread, you are on the road to being rich. We need to form a new political party that reflect our real needs, issues and wants. I have the perfect name. It is...