Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Reflections on the Final Debate

All these modern TV debates usually fail in their purpose because of their root format. Doesn't matter the candidates, the lawyers determine what can or cannot be considered in the program. Contrary to Bob Schieffer, who appeared with the CBS panel after the debate and who declared, "The debates always provide a full measure of the candidate." I disagree with that in-part because the format is known and the candidates practice with think tanks prior to the so-called debate. With that said, this is what I heard and I offer my beliefs, whether they coincide with the candidates or not.
The moderator was Chris Wallace of Fox News which has a biased history of being pro-Republican and conservative. He was very fair. CBS broadcasted the event and its panel had the last word. They were very biased against Trump and pro-Clinton.
The first question centered on the Supreme Court and appointing of judges.
Neither admitted that our court system is rigged, but demonstrated by the fact that both candidates would nominate different viewpoint judges. Jefferson and Madison, the two architects of the constitution were appalled that the Supreme Court Judge made this third leg in our so-called checks and balance system, a dictatorship. At the time, our newly elected government feared citizen distrust of our government to function if this historic decision in Marbury v. Madison became a national debate. Chief Justice John Marshall made the court more powerful than the legislative or executive branch. This decision gave the court the final word in the land. It takes an amendment to override the court which is both time consuming and a difficult, lengthy process. In my unpublished work, I have a democratic solution to our dilemma.
The next question concerned immigration. It veered off to other aspects.
Donald reminded everyone that Hillary voted for a wall in the past. He wants immigration limits with the legal entry into our nation. Hillary is for open borders. Nothing like pandering to the Latino vote.
In addition, Donald wants our allies to help pay for our military. I agree. They get a free ride on defense and we suffer all the costs. Hillary maintains the status quo and questions Russian intentions in our voting and election. Sadly, the only place where Russia gets some respect in the US is the TV show, The Big Bang Theory. The comedy reminds us of our space partnership with Russia through humor. I agree with Donald that we don't know for sure who is behind the leaks and hacking.
The next question was on energy. It veered off to the economy.
Hillary wants to raise the minimum wage and spend on alternative energy to stimulate the economy. This sounds good. How come when she was in the Obama administration, this aspect could have been undertaken? She says she will pay for this program by taxing the wealthy. She reminded everyone that Obama inherited a mess and cut the deficit in half. Total BS! The deficit doubled under Obama. It approaches $20 trillion. That works out to around $33,000 per second. Heaven help us.
Donald didn't argue over that point, but insisted that he would renegotiate trade agreements like NAFTA. He reminded everyone that he created jobs with his company. He is proud of that and he will make America great for everyone. This is the only issue that I totally agree and that I am behind.
The next subject was women and abuse.
Hillary reminded everyone that more than one woman accused Donald of abuse in the past. Donald says, "These are all lies!"
Donald switched to the abuse of the Clinton Foundation. It takes money like for Haiti Relief, but the money only goes to people and companies connected to the Clinton's. Hillary says that 90% of money is given out. Trump says, "His charities give out 100%."
At that point Hillary got nervous and moved to Trump's tax returns. Trump countered with Wall St. ads that are for Clinton. This implies that she is bought and paid for by the institutions. The conversation moved to voting and Trump fears that the vote is rigged. Hillary says, "Anything that goes against Donald, the Donald says is rigged." The moderator asked if Trump would recognize the final vote. He declined to answer which can be induced to believe that he would not accept the result.
Iraq and the offensive for Mosul followed.
Donald reminded everyone that we once liberated Mosul and ISIS grew under the Clinton and Obama watch. Hillary says, "She won't put US forces on the ground." Donald says, "All these failures have benefited Iran." The topic expanded to refugees. Hillary says, "We'll admit vetted refugees." Donald says, If she is elected, this will be a disaster." Both candidates will be pro-military which will explode the deficit. The only worse scenario was if Marco Rubio was the presidential nominee. He is a total warmonger. The only candidate that would give peace a chance was Bernie Sanders.
The economy was next.
The moderator said experts checked both candidates. Hillary would add our debt to 86% of GDP. Donald would add 100% debt to GDP. The moderator pointed out that 60% of debt goes to entitlements and what each would do?
Hillary said no cuts and they can be maintained by taxing the wealthy. I agree even though by taxing you expand the government and it is already too large. However, the rich have been getting a free ride for way too long. Donald says we first must overturn Obamacare and start anew. He also wants another tax cut.
Final question, "Why each should be president?"
Hillary says, "She will unite the nation." Donald says, "He will make America great again, but if you vote Hillary we get more Obama policies."
After the so-called debate in which no one mentioned our failing school system, that one person in six collects food stamps and soon one-fourth of the nation will be aged and also collecting both social security and Medicare. A nation that only has 12% in manufacturing and that number decreases every year. A nation that leads the world in inventions like solar and the internet, but receives very little economic benefits due to globalization and the lie of free trade. Enter the CBS panel.
They centered their conversation on Trump's refusal to acknowledge the election results and his claim that things are rigged. As stated above, Bob Schieffer throws this at Trump as this is the real man inside. Nancy Cordes exposed her Latin preference. Even Major Garrett joined to say that Trump's voting claim will be the deal breaker. Norah O'Donnell stayed neutral, but John Dickerson showed his bias toward Hillary and against Trump by seconding the voting claim. At least, that is how I heard and saw it.
I remind all readers that the vote is really a minority result because more would-be voters have declared themselves Independent rather than either Democrats or Republicans. The bottom line: there will be more non-voters in this election that what the winner tallies. When you add the losing tally along with the non-voters, we will have a very disruptive nation for the next four years.