Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A Fool and His Money

"... That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, ..."

- The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

Our so-called leaders are definitely the fools, but sadly, they are wasting our money. In our specialized society, which means that if you are not specialized in a field, they can exclude you. This my friends is pure BS! But hey, we can talk about these so-called experts = free speech.
The best example in the best of the worst is the US military. They like to lay claim to being the best in the world, a superpower and all the media that they can buy. History tells a different tale.
Civil War
How many general did Lincoln go through to find Grant? More than the denomination of his currency.
After the "Great War" Billy Mitchell gave the Navy the idea for an aircraft carrier. "We would be the strongest navy," he said. They told him to take a hike and behind his back, called him an idiot.
After ten years of fighting the VC, the military still did not know that Charley was hiding underground in a tunnel complex the whole time. So much for the intelligence of our intelligence and our experts in the military. Let's bomb Laos! Remember that?
We take Iraq only to give it to ISIS. How long have we been in Afghanistan?
I rest my case.
The problem is these exclusive institutions are really bureaucracies. They are only in it for themselves. Dear reader, if we get pushed into a war by these war mongers, they will draft everyone and the sad part is that these people will be in command. Consider just last week, the Navy pushed the USS Gerald R. Ford into the water. It is neither ready nor finished. It needs more work (read money) to its already $2.4 billion over budget. The Navy don't care. They will just increase the budget like we breathed air. It gets worse and when you spend $12.9 B and not done that is saying something.
The aircraft carrier won't meet structural tests which means more money down the drain and the best the navy can hope for is deployment by 2019, possibly later.
Just one mistake, you say. The list could fill a book. The Navy is pushing for another carrier and I hate that JFK gets his name tagged to it. They are pushing the carrier ahead of schedule for 2019. however this carrier calls for gadgets that are not even invented yet. This implies change in design which backs up the schedule and raises the cost. But hey, I'm not a specialist.
The only voice of reason has been the GAO (General Accounting Office). They warned the Navy back in 2007 of the problems with the Ford carrier in design and cost overruns. In another report in 2015 the GAO told the Navy that nuclear carriers have a disconnect between design and "wishful" features. I say there is a disconnect between reality and the Navy.
Aircraft Carriers
are obsolete! What worked 70 years ago, is out of date. Its time has passed!
With today's tracking devices, smart bombs, drones and tactical missiles, a small PT size boat filled with uranium tipped torpedoes could sink a carrier on the cheap. They will be floating graves with 5.000 sailors, hundreds of jet fliers and planes, and all those resources built into it and one smart bomb to sink it. The only ships the Navy should be building is submarines, but I'm not a specialist.
How about the Littoral Combat Ship? Again, insufficient design with cost overruns and yet, the Navy pushes ahead with orders for 12 more of these frigates by 2019.
It is not just the Navy, but the alpha spender itself, the Pentagon. It orders F-35s and pilots pass out and crash them due to a lack of oxygen, The cost? Hidden and what we do know is through the roof. As for Lockheed, Boeing and all the others, their shares continue to climb. They hire more retired officers who use to put those same jet fighters to tests to determine their reliability. Its an inside game like with the Fed and Treasury. The treasury sells and the Fed buys. The officers pass the planes and they get rewarded with easy desk jobs with big paychecks. Where is the responsibility to the people?
The GAO says there are many deficiencies which will drive up the cost another 38% to its already over budget costs. Superpower? No: Just a big, wasteful super-spender, and a destroyer not the boat, but of lives and resources. A nation is only as strong as its people. Today we celebrate our independence, but with one in four in poverty, our people are in disharmony. Our nation is composed of a government that is a plutocracy of rich people in disguised of a democracy. It is an elitist by money not ability government that does very little for its citizens.