Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Floating Death Tomb for 5,000...L&C

This just in: Obama raised $60 million for his reelection campaign and Romney out did him with his donors to the tune of $76 million. Can you believe those numbers? This is the kicker and it relates to this piece. Those figures are not the end total, but just the collections for the month of May. Is it any wonder that these two along with every other politician has no sense of reality when it comes to costs like our deficit or no understanding how difficult it is for the average working American to make ends meet? They argue on tax codes with $250,000 as middle class. Get real! Better yet, get out of town!
U.S. Navy
has a very proud tradition and I cried the first time I saw the FIVE SULLIVAN'S. I could easily invoke the "Duke"or going back to our war of independence, John Paul Jones or maybe even today, with admiral Michael Mullen, the ex- Joint Chiefs of Staff who more than once has stated that our debt is the biggest threat to our security. This is a story not only about wasteful spending, but about stupid wasteful spending that the military performs on a daily routine.
Gerald Ford Carriers
are the new class of aircraft carriers for our navy. They will carry a load of 5,000 service-people, x-amount of aircraft and other new gadgets to shock and awe our opponents. They will carry a price tag of $42 billion and counting. Why do you say, and counting? Because even hawks like John McCain have decried the rising costs for these warships which are still five years from completion and they have already escalated 18%. Each carrier will cost $27 billion to build and operate.
There is no discussion, no accountability. If the cost rises, they just include it in the bill with a note, sorry, we had some rising prices due to unforeseen problems. Their budget will always receive increases. One reason for the blank check is the fact that 45 states are involved in one form or another with the making of these weapons. There are only (5)five states that can oppose the military. This is diabolical as was the making of a professional service which eliminated the national draft which ended the political issue.
One Very Serious Flaw
the aircraft carrier as a military weapon is obsolete. Let me repeat that. Just like a wooden ship versus a steel ship, the aircraft carrier is outdated due to technology. With the advent of smart bombs, drone attack craft, ballistic and cruise missiles, the carrier is a sitting duck floating on the water and it will sink with 5,000 troops, pilots and aircraft included. The cost is off the charts both physically and mentally. The Chinese, for example, have already built their own space station. They have shot down a satellite. It is arrogance that says they or anyone else cannot build a weapon with any of the above technological features. It is greed and stupidity that does not look to the future like when in 1920, someone had to convince the military that an aircraft carrier was the future of warfare. And then, there is the phony code of security clearance. The military had the A-Bomb stolen from them. They find out fives years after the crime that military secrets were being sold in the black market. Security? Ha! Don't forget the hype about being the only superpower. This is the same military complex that showed itself in Desert One with aircraft that couldn't fly or crashed, helicopters that wouldn't work and the poor quality of training. It's all about their pay, health plan and pension. As the good admiral has stated, George Washington in his Farewell Address or President Eisenhower, the military is dangerous to a free republic.
Real Dangers
are in cyber, on our borders and satellite communication. All these things receive low priority from the military. One real, sad reason is because when a crisis arises from one of these aspects, the military will use it to ask for more money. These people have no real ability and are nothing more than greedy bureaucrats who are placing our soldiers into a certain death and another struggle for our navy like Pearl Harbor.
LIARS and CROOKS: Again, it goes to President Obama. He wins for the third week in a row. Wow! I have seen my Yankees hit back-to-back-to-back home runs, but with L&C, this is a first. What happened? Well, Congressman Darrell Issa, the Republican has been investigating the "Fast & Furious" which was the selling of guns by TSA under the Attorney General, Holder's, leadership. The stupid idea like all these bureaucrats develop was to sell guns to gangs on our border to see if they made their way up to the drug cartels. And they did with the killing of two US agents to which began the investigation. Issa says that Holder is withholding documents with information on the episode. We lost two agents. What about the 40,000 lives in Mexico? So, how is Obama involved? He joins the circus because he has leaked to the press that he will invoke "executive privilege." Funny, there is no such provision in the constitution and that makes him the winner. I believe the reason is because the public will become outraged with the whole affair and it will reflect on the president in a presidential year. All about image! Not what is right and that is why I always say, "End the Fed!"