Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Employment Picture: Many Down - Some Up

The Bureau of Labor Stats(BLS) released its employment forecast for the US up to 2025. Funny, these bureaucrats can tell you where to go for a job and how much it will pay, but they never cite a reason why jobs disappear. However, Sebastian knows. They were undercut by foreign imports under the lie of free trade. Anyway, we all know that our retail industry is in serious danger. The one vocal point is items in stores are subject to a sales tax and consumers can by-pass this cost by purchasing over the internet. The Supreme Court holds the future with its decision on this point. If the internet sales get taxed, retail could survive. If not, it will collapse and I predict this failure will sink the economy into a deep, deep recession. By the way, if that implies that all is well at the moment and it does seem things are better, there are still 14 states that have not yet recovered from the housing crisis of 2008.
With all that said, here is the BLS data. The findings show more jobs will disappear than are created, but there are areas for growth in the future.

It is the beginning of baseball season and in honor of the late, great Mel Allen
Its...going, going, gone!

*Systems Operators, Chemical Plant Operator: = -9%
*Locomotive workers,  Railroad workers:           = -3%
*Secretaries, Administrative Assistants:              = -7%
*Machinist, Tool & Die Makers:                           = -7%
*Water & Wastewater Treatment Operator:      = -3%
*Desktop Publishing:                                              = -14%
*Insurance:                                                              = -5%
*Postal service:                                                        = -13%
*Labor Relations:                                                    = -8%(No union jobs - my input)
*Adult Literacy Teacher:                                       = -5%
*Advertising Sales:                                                  = -4%

*RETAIL( This is so wrong- the figure is already higher : = -5%
*Correctional Officers & Bailiffs: This is another misleading stat. States are seeking to lower costs and these jobs will move with a new name and of course, lower pay: = -7%

As stated there is some good news - don't be misled by the high stat percentage as many of these fields are new endeavors.

Come and get'em! Hot off the grill!
*Solar:                                                                       = +105%
*Windtechs, Turbines:                                            =  +96%
*Home Health Aid:                                                  = +41%
*Nurses:                                                                    = +31%
*Medical Therapy:                                                   = +29%
*Occupational Therapy(recover from accident) : = +28%
*Math & Stats:                                                          = +33%(lot of jobs - do your homework)
*Genetic Councilor(medical history):                     = +29%
*Physical Therapy:                                                    = +30%
*Software Development(learn code):                       = +28%

What I didn't see here was robotics which is already effecting many fields and with the rise of self-service check-outs, the loss of grocery jobs unless this is considered retail which makes the above 5% figure way, way off. Teenagers will have a hard time seeking work to help pay for their future education. If I was young, I would get into alternative energy in a big way. Looking for a better job, I have two words with the same wish - GOOD LUCK!