Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Health: Skin Care...and of course, LIARS and CROOKS

With summer approaching it is very important to be aware of exposure to the sun. Hey, I love the beach and I believe the evidence that a lack of sunlight makes for a poor disposition which can affect your personality to the negative side. By the way sunlight helps your body to produce Vitamin D which it needs and this is the natural way to produce it. Nevertheless, too much of a good thing has negative affects. You drink too much, you get drunk. Print too much money and it lowers its value. Zealots and fanatics make too much of their point of view, whatever.
So, we need to protect our skin, especially if your car is like mine and lacks air-condition. You know what I mean, your left arm hangs out the window, absorbing too much sunlight while you driving your car. The bottom line here is until next year when new FDA regulations take effect, you need to know who is ripping you off with there so-called sun protection.
First of all, there is no such thing as a wet adhesive, spray-on, rub lotion,etc. that will protect you even if you get wet. It is B.S. advertising. There is no such thing as sunblock. Nothing can protect you from the power of the sun's rays. However, there are two things that is necessary when buying some type of sunscreen. The product must say that it protects you from UVA and UVB sunlight waves.
What is UVA? It is a lower band of light that causes skin cancer. You need protection. By the way, do not be fooled with labels that say our product is rated SPF 60, 70 or 100. Next year, the highest rating will only be 50 and anything over 35 makes very little difference.
What is UVB? It is another low band of light, invisible to the eye, but  we all know its effects - sunburn. You need protection.
There is also another wave for the geeks among us. It is called UVC. It helps form the ozone layer and at the moment, no need to protect yourself from it.
So, get out there! Enjoy the outdoors. Less texting, less computers, less phone and more of HIS natural air and HIS sunlight.
LIARS and CROOKS: Hands down, slam dunk and not the kind I thought the HEAT would put on DALLAS, but your basic top of the line liar, Anthony Weiner. Of course, Mr.Weiner has seen the error of his ways and he has said that he is seeking professional help. Yep, his next set of photos will be much clearer. ***********NEWS FLASH***********
That was yesterday. Today, Congressman Weiner resigned. Prediction: Within one year he will have a book out and depending on how his marriage develops or terminates, a movie-of-the-week within five years. Make no mistake a part of me is envious of him and the rest of me despises him, our media and culture of the present day climate in America. Here is a man who made it to be a Congressman of the United States of America for twelve years and did nothing. No ideas nothing to help America when it needs it the most. He says he cares about the middle class and he did find some funding to help trouble teens who found help by cleaning up graffiti. He was pure status quo. What a joke. I can't get a book published that would do more than 100 Weiner's(no brag, just fact)and I stand by my prediction for him. In this country it is all about a name whether good or bad as long as it is in the news. Makes me sick, but I will persevere. Hope you do too.