Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bernanke Law, Holder's Law,Interesting Facts=LIARS and CROOKS

Didn't make it down to Wall St. to support and work with the protesters because I don't have a printer, however I will work on it. Nevertheless our Federal Reserve and its lead singer, Helicopter Ben supplied fresh ammunition on why the Fed should be terminated. Arnold is back making movies and this would be the biggest blockbuster in the sequence of the deadly robot flicks. I can picture it, "Arnold Terminates The Fed." Until then, this is the present. According to the Financial Service Regulatory Relief Act of 2006, the Federal Reserve cannot pay more than the general going rate in the market based on the Treasury Bill. The Fed under Bernanke have been paying banks to sit its short-term reserves with the Fed at .25% which is 25 times the amount of the three month treasury bill which pays interest at .01%. This is another example of SOCIALISM for the banking industry.
were approved by the Justice Department and the BATF. These are automatic weapons and they were sold to bidders who included street gangs and drug cartel members. Immediately, the Attorney General denied the knowledge of the "Fast and Furious" sale program, however CBS News reported that they have a memo from a local agent questioning the sales program and it is addressed to the attorney general. Yeah, I'm innocent until proven guilty, but I bet that they didn't arrest Holder.
Here is something to give you some direction. It is a great quote by Joseph Sobran,"Politics is the conspiracy of the unproductive but organized against the productive but unorganized."
All of the above fall into our category of LIARS and CROOKS including these facts: the percentage of millionaires in Congress is 50 times greater than the general population. That spells class warfare as the rich only do for the rich which explains everything. Since 1913 when the Fed was founded our national debt has exploded 4700 times higher than it was before the Fed. I heard Mitt Romney was going to get tough with China on trade if he is elected president. As of now, our biggest export to China is scrap and trash. What is he going to do, add do-do in a brown bag along with the other junk? At least the issue is on the table and we all should be thankful for that improvement.