Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Future Shock Calmed by Words To Live By.

- You can't always get what you want...
But if you try sometimes, well you just might find
You get what you need,

- Rolling Stones

Dear reader, songs and words are scrambling around in my head. The world is ganging up on Trump over the Paris Climate Accord. It is much ado about nothing. China signs the paper, but pollutes the earth as well as many others. The real problem is that so many are completely wrong with our problem on the issue of warming climate. Yes, the planet is heating, but no, it is not in a danger zone. World temperatures sway within 2C for centuries. The reason has not fully been answered by science and therefore, for the scientist who cry today, they could be all wrong. The sun is the central answer to our problem. It effects the earth's inclination of its axis's along with our destruction of forests that produce oxygen.
First off, CO2 is needed by our world. Plants eat it and give us oxygen in return. This is our air. The problem with CO2 is when it gets consecrated into small areas, there is not enough plant life in that region to accommodate the increased carbon dioxide. If one looks back into the Industrial Revolution and locations in Britain, Germany and the US, the air was dirty, foul and unfit until quality changes took place. The air today is clean in all of those locations. The world didn't collapse. It won't today if the climate accord dies. We just need to implement safe changes like scrubbers on exit points, utilize coal to liquid for cleaner energy and more electric cars. With that said the world will still be facing much more serious problems in the future. The next wars won't be ideological like democracy versus other, Islam versus us infidels, but RESOURCES
I mentioned the destruction of trees. It is cleared for farming, used in building homes and other uses, but the real problem is population growth. Thomas Malthus first wrote of the problem back during our Revolutionary War. He noted that a greater food abundance provided a higher standard of living. However, he wanted to limit population growth to maintain the higher standard of living. He was just too early in his fears. Agricultural technology has enabled world population to grow to our present seven billion, but unless new technology can add millions of new grains, people will starve, especially in Asia and the Middle East. The Muslims had better start sowing more love because when there isn't enough to go around, the West will remember all the grief that they caused under jihad. The topic is too big for a blog, but at present, the trend line favors abundance in food, oil and other commodities. It won't last. The problem will start in ten years and it will grow and grow like population that increases every year. My favorite cowboy is The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. It has deep meanings to the truth of life. The story has three guys who learn of buried treasure in a graveyard. In a unique dual among the three, the Bad is eliminated. When the Ugly digs by hand at the grave site, the Good hands him a shovel with one hand while holding a gun in the other, as he says this universal truth, "The world has two types of people, those with guns and those who dig." In the future when oil becomes scare again, when food scarcity is not a bad neighborhood problem, but a world problem, those with guns will force the rest of us to dig. Fret not. It is a long way off and you can help by cultivating positive words and actions in your little region of this big planet. Here are some to live by:

"Have patience with all things, but first of all, with yourself."
- Saint Francis de Sales
"He who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love."
- St. Basil
"Peace is not made at the council tables, or by treaties, but in the hearts of men."
- Herbert  Hoover
"Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong."
- Calvin Coolidge
"When angry count to ten before speaking, when really angry, a hundred."
- Thomas Jefferson
"What you risk reveals what you value."
- Jeanette Winterson
"You may be disappointed if you fail but you are doomed if you don't try."
- Beverly Sills
"A friend is someone you can do nothing with and enjoy it.
- Unknown
"The whole art of life is knowing the right time to say things."
- Maeve Binchy
"Every man paddles his own canoe."
- Frederick Marrayat
"Every day can't be gold, but it is all good."
- John Liparelli