Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Bad Boy Christmas List...for hypocrites, phonies and criminals

What does W.Buffett, Goldman Sachs and Republicans have in common?
They all made our list under one category or more. The Oracle of Omaha is loved by many people and I use to count myself among the group, however time reveals all and "Time has come today..." Warren is best known as a value investor and is often quoted as opposed to credit default swaps(CDS). He USE to call them,"weapons for mass financial destruction." Now, he uses them and he favors the continuation of non-regulations for them. Bad, but it gets worse. Last year his company took over a railroad giant, Burlington Northern. He immediately laid of 10,000 workers and at present, he is twisting political lawmakers to change our border laws to allow train inspections for engines, cars and parts to be done in Mexico. This is outsourcing of jobs and he says he is bullish on America. Which America, I ask? The one that squeezes workers dry for bottom line profits and uses the present unemployment situation to scare any worker protests? Yeah, that is his choice. Actions speak louder than words. Warren is no George Bailey.
Next, the Wall Street darling, Goldman Sachs. The one that survived our governments case against them and the one that loudly proclaimed that they did not take any TARP money under the bailout program. LIARS! They took over $10 billion, and billions more under a different bailout category. One more thing, how is it that a corporation can commit a crime, even guilty of murder and yet, not claim guilt or have their company disbanded under public safety? Goldman doesn't operate a bank or understand fiduciary like Amadeo Giannini.
Finally, the political party that claims to be financially conservative and is needed as a watchdog for those tax and spend Democrats, the Republicans. The Mid-term elections saw Americans return in mass to these so-called conservatives. They are Hypocrites!
Behind closed doors with another phony, President Obama, the two formulated a plan for the Bush Tax Plan(for the rich) and our laid off workers (poor&middle class) seeking unemployment benefits which have expired. They announced their plan last Monday(2010) and the only hope for America is some backbone in the Democratic Party to veto this plan in Congress. We now know that they don't have any. We need a new political party which stands for the people and not that hijacked Tea group. I drink coffee. Can't wait for the next big deal here in 2012.
Who Wins, Loses?
The government wins and its citizens lose.
By the way the big deal of 2010 cost another $110 billion to our time bomb of debt and adds another hammer-to-the-nail in the dollar purchasing power. The party of Lincoln has evolved to the rich. I declare them the hat trick winners of this list: Hypocrites, Phonies and Criminals!