Sunday, March 4, 2012

Human Nature Says: Putin, Obama Again!...L&C

There is something in our human nature that works like the Rings of Saturn regarding change. You can read all the self-help books you want, but until you can defeat the "I Can't Syndrome" within your self, you won't. This plays for big gains by incumbents in politics. As much as we dread the present people in political power, our subconscious fears the unknown even more. We will rationalize until we see for some poor reasoning to vote the incumbent over someone who we might think would be the better candidate. For example, Ron Paul. He would cut back on the military. Yes, we like. He would strive to return to the gold standard with a strong dollar. Yes, again! We like. He would cut the deficit. Yes, again! We like, but we vote Obama because Paul won't win(I Can't Syn.). It could be any candidate, but the bottom line our weak nature will continue the status quo whether Putin, Obama, or the idiot in Iran. Too bad for all of us who are more positive and think more clearly. Prediction: Putin and Obama.
LIARS and CROOKS: This week goes to President Obama and all the Republican candidates who discussed the issue of rising oil prices. They all claim the tensions over Iran which is true or speculation which also adds to the cost, but even together is not the real problem. Iran and speculation are temporary. The real danger is our oil companies closed three oil refineries and remember there has not been one new refinery built in over twenty years. There is a new dangerous "oil spread" developing between WTI(American oil) and Brent(European oil). Oil in Europe is already over $125. per barrel. The East coast refineries could not stay in business with those prices, especially when in the Mid-West it was $20. cheaper. This is the source of the problem and even worse. It is forecasting what we would have to pay for gasoline if the dollar ever lost its reserve status. DANGER! End the Fed!